Meet Maegan transcript

Maegan: I really don't believe I would've got this job without APM. My name is Maegan. I'm 24, and I have a spinal fusion for scoliosis. I do have reduced mobility as well in my spine, which can make it difficult for some tasks.

Speaker 2: We did some interview skills training with Maegan. We organized some interview clothing and then arranged a meet and greet with the Crown Ability program. Maegan works as a bar steward in the lobby lounge. So she's doing customer service, money handling, pouring drinks, making cocktails, coffee, serving customers.

Speaker 3: A person like Maegan, who has a disability does not necessarily mean that she can do the job any less than anyone else. She could execute all the jobs that were required of her without any problem at all. We're very happy and very fortunate to have her.

Maegan: I definitely feel like I've been given a role that is suitable to my ability rather than disability.