Meet Mitchell transcript

Mitchell: Some places really think of you as just a number on their books, and at APM, you get treated as a human being.

My name's Mitchell, I'm 26 years old. I've got ADD, PTSD, and autism spectrum disorder.

When I found APM, it was an interesting experience. They actually really sat down with me and helped me figure out where I fit in, what I was actually good at, actually really learning about who I am, and helping me find out who I am, to put me somewhere where I work well.

Currently, I'm working at a large hotel in Perth. I'm a bellboy/valet parker/ night auditor, and it's customer service in an area where I really shine, so I'm quite happy with it, yeah.

It has improved so much of my life, I really can't find words to it, actually having that, because it's not just having the money, it's routine. It doesn't matter what mental challenges you face, they will always help, and that's been brilliant.