Meet Nicholas transcript

Nicholas: I used to say that disability is just a different kind of ability. I'm Nicholas, I'm 22, and my disability is autism spectrum disorder.

Speaker 2: Nicholas presented himself as a character that had no real direction. He came in very shy, but now, looking at where he is, he has a lot of confidence and his enthusiasm to learn and better himself outweigh when he first came to us. Nicholas' role is basically to clean all the gym equipment, making sure that all the sweat and dust underneath, on top, is wiped down. He has a cleaning detergent, but he also has a hygiene sanitizing bucket as well. So he has two parts that he needs to do.

Speaker 3: Nicholas is a wonderful person. He brings a lot of joy, he's humorous, and when he comes in, he's a bright spark. He's always been happy-go-lucky, but I think now he's elevated that status to even a happier person. He feels like an extended family of Healthy Life here.

Nicholas: They're very supportive. I definitely feel more positive now.