Meet Tammy transcript

Tammy: I'm Tammy, I'm 44. I'm born with a cleft palate and people struggle to understand what I say.

Speaker 2: Tammy was born with a cleft palette and the barriers with the communication on the phone were obviously an issue. So there was a lot of online job searching, and she just needed the extra support to link in with employers. We really wanted to get to know Tammy. We looked at what she had done in the past. We updated her resume, got her some interview clothes, got out there with her and approached businesses.

Speaker 3: We went through a list of candidates and APM selected who they believed would be best for us. And then we went through that procedure, and we found Tammy. We find it's very easy for her to just do the job at hand. She's very friendly and she's very approachable and easy to work with. If you get the right person for the right job, they can do the job at hand.

Tammy: I feel so much better now I've found a job. And I'm very happy I've got some money in my bank. I'm very proud of myself.