Pat has a job that makes him feel like a superstar.

As a lively, friendly face in the cafe at the Warragul Country Club, Pat is a popular member of the team.

Club members stop to chat and newcomers enjoy the warm welcome he brings while delivering food and drinks to their tables. 

With his enthusiasm and positive approach to his job, it's clear Pat isn't going to let the challenge of living with an intellectual disability stop him from working.

"I look forward to meeting different people"

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Getting started with APM 

Like many parents, Pat’s mum and dad used to fear he would never get the chance to prove he was capable of working.

Then Centrelink referred Pat to APM for Disability Employment Services, and his positive approach to finding a job made a strong impression. It was clear Pat was eager to find work in which he could shine.

Pat’s dedicated APM employment consultant, Shelley, knew instantly he was going to do everything he could to get the job that would change his life.

“He came into my first appointment and he had a glint in his eye,” said Shelley.

Opening doors for Pat

As part of his personalised job plan with Shelley, Pat was able to build skills and confidence with approaching and talking to potential employers, as well as access support with job applications and interviews.

It was a meeting with Michael at Warragul Country Club that Pat was able to show his friendly, positive and approachable personality.

“At the time we didn’t have a role, but the café was getting busier and busier so that was when we thought of a role that we needed,” Michael said.

"I can buy things I want - I'm trying to put a bit of money away to buy a house"

Unlocking Pat’s potential

Delivering food and drinks to club members and collecting their empty dishes afterwards, Pat was given support from APM and his employer to become a popular member of the team.

“It takes me a while to get the hang of different things,” said Pat.

“Michael’s really accommodating. He knows what I can do and what I can’t do,” he added.

Supporting Pat on the job

When Pat started he occasionally dropped things, but keen to develop their new employee's skills, the club and APM organised a larger tray with sides for Pat to use.

Since then Pat has continued to progress with support from this employer and APM to overcome any new challenges.

“It’s been both a benefit for Patrick and a benefit to our club as well. We’re really happy to have him as part of the team,” Michael added.

Meeting new people

Pat says he enjoys going to work and being recognised by the regular members as well as meeting new people.

“I look forward to going to work and just meeting different people too because a lot of new people come in.

“I’ll start talking to them, and they’ll start talking to me, it's like I’m a superstar here!”

A life changing job 

Shelley keeps in contact with Pat as part of his post placement support after he started work, and she has noticed the benefits the job has brought to him.

“I’ve seen Pat’s confidence grow and also his fine motor skills have improved a lot just by having that extra support," she said.

As he continues to work at the club, Pat says he enjoys having his own income to buy the things he wants. 

And he still isn't backing down from a challenge.

"I'm trying to put a bit of money aside to buy a house," he said. "So far it's working".

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