Patrick's story transcript

Patrick: Every day is a challenge, and I love a challenge. Even if it's really hard and frustrating, it just keeps me motivated. My name's Patrick. I'm 43 years old, and I have a spinal cord injury so I'm a quadriplegic.

Troy: It was clear Patrick didn't want to stop working, and through the process, we've helped that with Patrick. We've assisted with setting up his home workstation to work from the comfort of his own home.

Patrick: I do sales for a telco company. I needed software, voice activated software. I needed screens. I needed headphones, microphones and all kinds of stuff. Without APM, without a job, I would probably still be sitting in my room watching movies and being quite depressed still. It's given me a lot more independence. All the customers I've dealt with have said, "He's empathetic. He does this. He's really on his job," because yeah, I take pride in my job because I'm so happy to have a job.