Pat's story transcript

Patrick: I look forward to going to work and just meeting different people too because a lot of new people come in. I'll start talking to them and they'll start talking to me and then, I think I'm a superstar here. 

My name is Pat and I work at the Warragul Country Club. 

Shelley: Pat was referred to APM through Centrelink. He came into my first appointment and he had a glint in his eye, so I knew it was going to be quite a fun process working with him. 

Patrick: We started looking for jobs and then went to Michael and then, that's it, a couple of days later I got the phone call to say I start here. I was just like, "Yes!" 

Michael: At the time we didn't have a role in the cafe just cleaning up and clearing things, but the cafe was getting busier and busier, so that was when we thought of a role that we needed that would suit Patrick. 

Patrick: I'd take the food out to the golf ladies, their coffees, and I do their dishes too. 

Speaker 5: Do you want to take these to 93, Pat? 

Patrick: Yeah. 

I'm a very slow learner. "English breakfast?" "No, we've got a [inaudible 00:01:04]" "Oh, these two. Sorry." So it takes me a while to get the hang of different things 

Michael: At the start, he dropped a few things. We changed his tray to a bigger tray that had sides on it. So, from that point to now, he's taking out coffees and you can imagine how hard they are to carry and how easy they are to spill. He's got to come upstairs. Like everyone, with time they get better. He's certainly gotten better. 

Patrick: Micheal's really accommodating. He knows what I can do and what I can't do. It's all good now, so the bar and the cafe, it's got all new glasses because of me. 

Shelley: I've seen Pat's confidence grow and also his fine motor skills have improved a lot just by having that extra support. 

Michael: It's been both a benefit to Patrick and a benefit to our club as well. We're really happy to have him as part of the team. 

Patrick: I look forward to come and work because of the people around me and just enjoying what I do here.