Robyn's employment boost with Disability Employment Services and APM transcript

Robyn: They helped me so much with my stress levels, my anxiety. I love the girls here. I wouldn't be here today without them.

I'm Robyn, I'm 57, and I have depression and anxiety. I was so nervous just walking into an employment agency. My confidence was so low I couldn't hardly speak to the girls, I'll be shaking. With their support and their emotional support, it's such a major change in my life.

Rhiannon: So we worked together with Robyn and did some marketing to help research with the areas that she would be most successful in. With that, we reached out to certain businesses and companies and reverse marketed Robyn towards those companies. Got her an interview, built her confidence up for that interview, did some interview prep, and she was quite successful.

Robyn: At the moment I work with Aged Care. I love it. I'm helping them to be productive and live their best life.

My life's changed so much. Update the car, and I've been on a ship cruise and now I'm going to WA. My son moved over there.

You want to do these jobs, but you just don't know how to make that next step to restart your brain and restart your life, and with the help here I couldn't be any happier.