Ruth's path to a new job with Disability Employment Services and APM transcript

Ruth: Without APM, I would be still sitting at home trying to find a job and not getting anywhere. I'm Ruth, I'm 62. I've had breast cancer and I've got Crohn's disease and I've got a heart condition.

APM Employment Consultant: So, Ruth hadn't worked for some time. She'd never had much of an education. So, we've suggested doing a Cert III in Independent Support and she was overwhelmed at the thought of using a computer to do that. So, we instilled confidence in her.

Ruth: APM asked me if I want to do a computer course. And I said, "Well, I've never ever used a computer." And they said, "Well, we'll be here for you and that." And they have. They've been fantastic.

APM Employment Consultant: So, Ruth has another three months in her course and she'll be then at a placement of two weeks, and then she'll be qualified to go and work in an aged care home or any kind of independent support. There's a range of jobs that will be available.

Ruth: I've had more confidence in myself, but before I didn't have a lot of confidence at all. I'm looking forward to seeing after I finished my course and that, getting into home health and that. I don't know if I'm job ready yet, but I'm getting there.

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