Shannon shines in secure employment transcript

Larry: For about two years we really struggled to try and find Shannon a job, and then one day out of the blue I went to APM, and bang. About four to five months later he got the job with Fins. He's been there two and a half years.

Asher: Every morning when Shannon walks through the front door, he rings the bell as loud as he can to try and trick us as if there's a customer in the shop.

Asher: Then he comes in and says hello to everyone around the factory.

Asher: Shannon's an amazing employee. He brings people morning tea, he turns up half an hour early for every shift, and he is reliable.

Shannon: I love working, and I love Fins, and my bosses.

Asher: As a bit of a surprise for Shannon we designed a new general purpose carton for our factory, and we thought it was a good opportunity to create a box with Shannon's name on it, seeing as he makes every box in this factory, and we gave him a title of Chief Box Constructor as well.

Danielle: It is really incredible that Shannon has been celebrated as an important part of the team. At APM we are all about sustainable employment. We are not just the here and now, we are looking for long term places for people to be a part of the team.

Speaker 5: See you later, mate.

Speaker 6: He brings a cheer to everyone's face, and makes the day good, because sometimes it's pretty stressful coming to work, and Shannon breaks that ice and makes it really enjoyable to be here.

Larry: Since Shannon's worked at Fins, it has turned his whole life around, and now he's got so much to look forward to.

Asher: What I'd say to other employers is give a opportunity to someone like Shannon. If someone like APM contacts you and you have a role available, I'd definitely give it a go.