Shannon's the star of his team transcript

Shannon: I'm Shannon, I'm 33, and I have Down syndrome.

Max: Shannon did struggle with applying for work on his own, he did struggle with creating a resume on his own, and those were some of the main factors as to why he was unemployed for two years. I approached Asher at Fins and had a conversation with him about my client, Shannon, and the fact that he has Down syndrome and just has a few barriers to employment, and from there, we got him into a role.

Asher: Shannon's probably one of our most popular team members now. As soon as he walks in the door, he comes and shakes everyone's hand. So he walks around the whole facility, greets everyone, puts a smile on everyone's faces, so everyone's just really excited to see him. He makes the boxes that we use to put our product in to send to restaurants, to send to wholesale, the stuff that goes to the East Coast of Australia. Our experience with Shannon has been exceptional. So if there are other businesses where people like Shannon could fit, I recommend it 100%.

Shannon: My boss Asher, Asher Flynn, I like him, and I love working here.