What happens when you visit APM transcript

Interviewer: ...and the support that they give to people that are trying to find jobs and also to give them the confidence when they're getting into the workforce as well. 

Carey joins me. Good morning, Carey. 

Participant: Good morning. 

Interviewer: Now, what a fantastic business that you have. It is so important, that you are actually locals and you understand, not only the local business community but [inaudible 00:00:21]. 

Participant: Absolutely. And as you said earlier, between the two of us, we've got over 20 years' experience. So, we know what we're talking about. Plus, there's been times in our lives when [inaudible 00:00:33]. 

Interviewer: And you can see the thoughts. 

Participant: Absolutely. Absolutely. We specialize in disability employment services, and everybody has had something or an event that's occurred throughout their life because that's what makes us, us. We're the same. We're out in the, shall I say, mature side of things. So, we've had a pretty good life and things like that. So, we've had things happen and we've had [inaudible 00:00:55] situations. 

Interviewer: Wonderful. Now, I guess for some people the hardest step is the first step. 

Participant: Yes. Yes, it is. And I think it's nerve-wracking as well. All we're asking is come in, open the door, come and say good day. [inaudible 00:01:10] if you don't come in, the signage is still on its way, but we are here in High Street, just come and talk to us. We've been around to all the local schools. We want people to come in and talk to us. It doesn't matter if you don't know what to ask. Just come on in. 

Interviewer: Just come in to say hi. Now, once we have walked through the door and we've gotten over that big hurdle, to start off with, what is the process for me? 

Participant: Look, they'll sit down, have a chat with either Sue or myself. We will, just through general conversation, [inaudible 00:01:43], just through a general chat we'll determine their eligibility. Go through that process. Explain that to them. Once that has been done... There's lots of paperwork, we help them fill that in, they're not on their own. We then, basically, organize a next appointment for them because it's a lot of information in one sitting. Through our manager, it goes through the process of the system. Then they'll come in. Once they've been made eligible and all the rest of it, they'll come in for another appointment. We go through privacy forms, help them do off a resume. And then, [inaudible 00:02:16]. But, you know what, if they want to come in every week, they can come on in every week. 

Interviewer: Yeah. The most important thing that I've just noticed about what you said is, "We help them through the big one." 

Participant: Yes. 

Interviewer: "We help them through that process." That is such a big, important thing for people. 

Participant: It is. Look, we all get forms and we go, "Oh boy." 

Interviewer: Yeah. Where do I start? 

Participant: Absolutely. Absolutely. We also get referrals through Centrelink, so you don't have to be [inaudible 00:02:44], that's the beauty of it as well.