What is Disability Employment Services by APM transcript

Marina: Finding a job can be challenging for anyone. And we know if you're living with an injury, illness, or disability, it can be even harder. Hi, I'm Marina and I work at APM Employment Services. At APM we know that having a job is more than money. It gives you more control of your life and can improve your health and wellbeing. Today we're going to look at the support services available to you as an eligible job seeker by the Disability Employment Services Program and answer some frequently asked questions. The Disability Employment Services Program or DES for short is an initiative by the Australian government to help people with an injury, illness, or disability find and keep a job. Every person's situation is different. And so, the support provided will be different person to person. Some of the things we can help with include managing health issues that may be making it hard to get work, identifying strengths and work capability, developing skills for jobs and being part of a workplace, succeeding when starting a new job with further information and support.

Marina: You can access Disability Employment Services through a referral by Centrelink. When you visit Centrelink, they carry out an employment assessment and if you're eligible, they will advise you of some of the disability employment services providers in your area or you can also ask to join APM. You may be eligible for our Disability Employment Services Program, if you have a diagnosed injury, illness, or disability, are aged at least 14 to 65 and are at or above the minimum legal working age in your state or territory, are able to work at least eight hours per week with support when required, are an Australian resident, are not studying full time unless you're an eligible school leaver, are not working at or above your assessed employment capacity at the time you register with us, and meet one of the core eligibility types by being either on an eligible income support payment from Centrelink or an eligible school leaver, or a current NDIS participant.

Marina: There are so many supported injuries, illnesses, and disabilities that we can't list them all here. If you have a question about your eligibility, simply get in touch. Our teams are here to help you access the right support to manage and overcome a wide range of physical and mental challenges, which may impact your ability to find and keep a job. APM Employment Services is Australia's largest provider of Disability Employment Services. Every year we help thousands of people to find meaningful employment. If you have an injury, illness, or disability, we can help. To find out more about the Disability Employment Services program and if you're eligible, call us or visit our website, apm.net.au.