5 qualities people with disability bring to a job

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Looking for work when you have an injury, illness or disability can present challenges or obstacles, and the possibility of actually securing a job may seem unlikely.

Author: Cindy Parsons
17 June 2020


There are usually however, a unique set of qualities and attributes that those with an injury, illness or disability can bring to a workplace. Qualities that are very attractive to potential employers.

Being aware of and revealing these qualities when applying for jobs and attending job interviews can help to set you apart from other applicants. Disability Employment Services can help you with this.

The following five qualities help to reassure employers that you are a potential candidate. These are traits that employers find desirable, that people with an injury, illness or disability can bring to the workplace.

1. Reliability

Because of the challenge finding a job, if you have an injury illness or disability you’ll most likely place a higher value on securing a job.

When you value your job and your employer, there’s a greater desire to be there. To show up on time and work hard.

2. Positive attitude

Your attitude at work is important and it shows to everyone around you.

When you have an injury illness or disability chances are you’ve had to interact closely with health professionals, support staff and others in the community.

Because of this you might feel like you can work well with others and have a positive impact on your peers.

3. Determination

It’s likely that you’ve experienced some kind of difficulty. Whether that’s a physical or mental health condition or disability.

You’ve had challenges and made a decision to overcome them.

That determination in the workplace means not giving up on tasks or complaining about the job being too hard. It’s a great quality to take to any job where difficulties may arise.

4. Resilience

If you have an injury, illness or disability you’ve probably had to not only cope with challenges but adapt to them. Sometimes at work there are disruptions and disappointments.

Someone not experienced in dealing with things not going as planned may not cope at work.

5. Creativity

Often living with injury, illness or disability means creating new ways of doing things, finding solutions to problems and taking on new perspectives.

An ability to problem solve is a very attractive quality to employers. They want to know you can think and act independently on tasks set or think outside the box to create solutions.

Every time an employer hires someone, it costs them time and resources. They want to know they’re training someone with a good attitude who will stay happily employed for an extended period.

They want to know the person they hire is going to do the job without complaining, get on well with other workers and customers, and be willing to work hard.

Additionally, it will contribute to your job satisfaction to work somewhere that benefits from not only your skills, but also the qualities and strengths you have developed.

Disability Employment Services can work with you to discover what yours are and how they can help you find a job.

APM Employment Services is the largest provider of Disability Employment Services in Australia.

Learn more about the support for people with an injury, illness or disability or register with APM to see if you're eligible for one of our job seeker programs.

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