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AccessAbility Day is a unique opportunity for  job seekers and employers

The Australian Government scheme takes place in November each year and aims to help job seekers move closer to employment by gaining useful insights and experiences in local workplaces.

AccessAbility Day also allows employers to learn more about free services which could help strengthen, grow and support their business.

By registering to take part, employers can meet talented, ready-to-work job seekers interested in learning more about their business and potentially find an ideal candidate to join their team.

As the leading provider of the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Services, APM Employment Services helps thousands of job seekers with an injury, illness or disability successful find work every year.

With more than 500 local teams across the country, we want to help more job seekers and businesses succeed and enjoy the benefits of AccessAbility Day.

Benefits for job seekers

  • Gain experience of jobs in a local industry
  • Meet new people including local employers
  • Learn what skills are required for local job
  • Better understand the expectations of employer
  • Increase knowledge and develop confidence in the workplace
  • Chance to identify new interests and goals in employment search
  • Supported environment to overcome barriers and progress to future employment


Benefits for employers

  • Engage with customers and people in the local community
  • Gain valuable insights on working with people with disability
  • A chance to promote and encourage inclusive workplaces
  • Make a real difference to a job seeker facing barriers to employment
  • Meeting dedicated job seekers for potential employment
  • Learn about free employment services including wage subsidies, tailored recruitment and support to improve a workplace for people with disability

How AccessAbility Day works

Employers register to host an eligible job seeker for a day 

  • Job seekers registered as Disability Employment Services participants are encouraged to take part by their APM employment consultant.
  • APM Employment Services matches a suitable, local job seeker to take up the opportunity and join the employer for a day.
  • Both the employer and job seeker receive guidance on how to make the most of the day.
  • An employer can host as many job seekers across as many job types as they like. However, each job seeker can only be placed in each workplace for one day.
  • ​There is no cost to employers for taking part and no obligation to hire any job seeker.
  • ​You can also find out more on through the Australian Government’s JobAccess website.

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Did you know you could be missing out on valuable, no-cost services to strengthen your business?

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