A boost in confidence has opened a world of possibilities for Bryn

Bryn has a communication and learning disability, which had deeply affected his confidence when it came to finding a job.

"If something happens really fast and I don’t quite hear it right I might need to question whoever is asking me to say it again or show me how to do it."

The support he has received in his role at a large Perth hotel as part of stewarding team, has seen him do nothing short of flourish.

In just a short time, he has built remarkable self-confidence.

"APM helped me present myself in the best way possible"

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A valued member of the team

Bryn is part of the stewarding team who look after over 20 function rooms and five large kitchens, a role requires him to be friendly, efficient and thorough while working as part of a busy team.

His employer Wendelin remarks on his “absolutely brilliant temperament” and how “he fits in so well” with his team members.

From the time Bryn’s APM Employment Consultant first saw him the positive change in him is outstanding.

“Bryn has changed dramatically, from the very shy, no confidence young man that came into my office for that first appointment” she said “he’s grown in such a massive way. With that confidence, it’s given him a whole lease of life.”

Bryn relies on being consistent – which applies to his appointments, catchups with his APM Consultant and his work shifts – he has found immense value in having a good routine in place for day-to-day life.

This has positive overflow effects in his work ethic “he’s friendly but then just gets on with the task at hand” Wendelin says “He’s very conscientious and sees things through to the end.”

Wendelin also places high value on diversity in his kitchen(s).

“I think it gives a really nice balance and a lot of meaning to work as well, especially for all the other team members. Kitchens are always extremely diverse, multi-cultural working environment” he said.

"It's given me a sense of direction"

Skills for a bright future

Taking the time and energy to developing some all-important professional skills has paid off for Bryn.

Working on his job interview technique, personal presentation and building a resume will set him up well for his future endeavours.

“APM provided some great options of where I could work” Bryn said “they understood my situation and understood the learning difficulties I had.”

Knowing he can ask for help when he needs it at work, coupled with the support of his network, he has adapted to working life and is optimistic about the future.

"I feel very happy to be (at work) and it makes me feel good to see happy customers when I work."

APM continues to support job seekers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, placing job seekers in a range of roles which suit their abilities.

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