Right support helps Jarryd find his first job

Facing the world of work is daunting for anyone when they finish school and look for their first job.

For Jarryd, and thousands of other young Australians every year, this next step in his life was made even more challenging due to his autism.

The process of deciding what would be a good job to search for, applying for work and how to act in an interview, all come with an increased pressure many of us are lucky enough not to experience.

Jarryd knew straight away he wanted to find a good job to start earning money and he was determined not to let his autism stop him from achieving his goals.

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"I feel more confident in myself"   

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Finding the right support

Eligible for support as a result of his autism, Jarryd registered with APM Employment Services for the Disability Employment Services program and quickly got to work on overcoming his challenges.

“It was a huge challenge to start with,” he said.

“The aspects of autism with the interviews and the process of trying to find jobs was just a bit overwhelming at the start.

“But APM helped me get through the initial shock of getting into the working world after I left school.”

"APM helped me get through the initial shock of getting into the working world"

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Preparing for interviews and getting the job

Jarryd took part in activities with his dedicated employment consultant to help get used to the questions he would face and need to ask in an interview, as well as gaining support to address his anxiety about finding work.

“Knowing what places to go to and what I needed for those places… it just helps that if I have an issue with something, there’s someone I can talk to,” he said.

“It’s hard for me to read social cues when it comes to people, so in interviews and that… I don’t know if I’m doing something right or wrong.”

Overcoming the anxiety of a job interview proved valuable for Jarryd when he was offered a role with secure document destruction firm Shred-X in Perth.

The weight of responsibility within his role doesn’t phase Jarryd as it might have before he made positive steps forward with APM and his new employer.

“I feel way more confident in myself and being able to do many more things that I wouldn’t have been able to do before I started working,” Jarryd said.

“This job has really helped me get over that confidence barrier and actually helped me have a happy life.”

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Are you eligible for Disability Employment Services?

You can join APM for Disability Employment Services through Centrelink.

When you visit Centrelink, they carry out an employment assessment and if you're eligible, they will recommend you to a Disability Employment Services provider. Remember to ask to join APM so you get the best service when searching for employment.

To be eligible for Disability Employment Services, you must be:

  • An Australian resident aged from 14 to 65
  • Receiving an income support payment, disability support pension, an NDIS participant or an eligible school leaver
  • Able to work between eight to 30 hours per week (with support when required)
  • Not studying full time (unless you’re an eligible school leaver)
  • Not already working at or above your assessed work capacity

If you're already receiving an income support payment, you can also register with us directly.

If you’re with another provider, but would like to change to APM, contact us and our teams will be happy to speak to you.

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