Employment for people with autism

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Supporting job seekers with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Everyone's employment needs are different, including if you are living with ASD. APM is here to help you find a job that works for you.

Like our teams across APM, you likely already know how challenging it can be to find a suitable job with so many changes to our day to day lives this year.

And like you, we’re resilient and committed to our goals.

At APM, we’re still working safely to provide job seekers like you with the opportunity to find suitable work and continue to make progress on your path to employment.

Many businesses in our communities have closed their doors, but many others are looking for people to join their team right now.

If you’re eligible for our Disability Employment Services program we can help match you to available roles or assist you in developing your job seeking skills and employment capability.

We may not be able to meet in person, shake your hand or give you an over-the-top high-five when you succeed.

But we’re still here for you and we’re ready to help you overcome life’s unexpected challenges and celebrate your life-changing win.

Contact your local APM team today to see if you’re eligible to join our program and let’s get to work.

"I've conquered the biggest 

"I wouldn't have a job if it wasn't for APM"

When you choose APM

APM works with Centrelink and the government to deliver Disability Employment Services.

When you register with APM, we check your eligibility for the program and help you get started.

We guide you through the Centrelink process and your initial assessment which decides your capacity for employment and suitability for the program.

Then we set your first appointment with a dedicated APM employment consultant who will spend time getting to know you, understanding the challenges you face and setting up a plan on how you can achieve your goals in the service.

At APM we understand how ASD often impacts on social interaction, communication and how you process information.

We work with you to establish the best way to identify your goals and what you want to achieve, and how best to communicate with you regularly.

Whether it’s on the phone, via email or text message. We’re here to support you.

Your personal job plan

When it comes to putting your individual plan together, we consider many things to ensure you get the service you need. Together with you and anyone you have for support, we will:

  • Explore realistic job options where you can succeed
  • Develop a personal strategy that includes job searches, resumes, interviews
  • Discuss your support needs with your employer
  • Look at any requirements for equipment or workplace modifications to help you perform a specific job
  • Consider what support you might need when you start working

Building a job around you

At APM we want everyone to achieve their goals and experience the rewarding feeling of knowing they were hired because an employer recognised their true potential or ideal fit for a role.

Many job seekers find work in new positions created to match their abilities.

Where possible we will work with you to approach suitable employers and support job creation or redesign.

This may include going with you to potential employers and highlighting the benefits and services available to employers for hiring you through APM, which may include generous wage subsidies and adjustments to the workplace.

When you find a job

Our support doesn’t stop when you start working.

We also want to make sure you and your employer have everything you need to be a success together.

Depending on your level of support and the job you start, we work together to make sure you’re able to work safely and effectively.

This can include helping you access training, job coaching, performance monitoring, understanding the workplace culture and what is expected from you.

We also support workplaces with proactive education to be aware of any impacts your ASD may have wo we can help avoid any misunderstandings and create a culture of support and inclusion.

If you need ongoing support for long periods of time we will also discuss this with you and establish a support structure.

Our goal is to see you enjoy rewarding and long-term employment and ensure you have the right level of support to succeed.

Get in touch with our teams to find out more.

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