Find out how easy it is to pursue a career after a sudden disability

A sudden disability can create huge changes your life, and the lives of your loved ones

Not all experiences of disability are the same - some people live with a disability from birth or a young age, and some can experience a life-changing event which leaves them with a disability later in life.

For someone who has not lived with a disability before, an impairment presents sudden emotional hurdles.

It requires a period of adjustment

Someone whose injury, illness or disability comes on suddenly might need to go through a grieving process - both physically and psychologically. It can be a stressful and vulnerable time for the person and their loved ones.

It’s normal to grieve for an ability you no longer have; it is natural to feel susceptible to feelings of depression and anxiety.

During this time, it’s understandable if having a job feels too overwhelming. It’s important to recover and return to a mindset where you can envision a valuable life with meaning.

Understanding and learning about your sudden disability allows that adjustment. It helps those going through that adjustment to also accept the disability and better recognise new challenges and discover new strengths.

During this period of adjustment to a sudden disability, it’s likely your work or career has been put on hold. Depending on the type of work you were doing prior, and the type of disability you now find yourself living with, it might no longer be possible to continue the job you previously held.

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You can return to work with a disability

If a sudden disability ends your income or prevents you from doing a job you previously held, it doesn’t mean the end of your career.

Getting a job with a disability requires some accommodations, but the benefits of work and maintaining employment have many positive impacts.

Working can also mitigate other challenges people with disabilities often face, like financial stress or feelings of low self esteem. Developing a schedule or routine with work can bring a positive feeling of stability.

Getting dedicated support

There are many employment options available for people with a disability. There are jobs you might not have considered and jobs that can open up a brand new career.

APM Disability Employment Services can help you to identify how and where you can function with greater confidence.

An employment consultant can discuss with you, where your strengths and capabilities are (this might have changed) and help you to find a job that can accommodate your level of ability and make necessary accommodations.

Disability Employment Services also offer Disability Employment Programs. Organisations like APM have programs that provide advice and can guide you through the process of searching and applying for work.


  • pre-employment screening;
  • preparation for returning to the workplace;
  • support navigating the process to change your career path; and
  • post-placement support.

Pursuing a career after a sudden disability could seem daunting; but you are supported all the way through the process with APM.

Support from your Employment Consultant provide won't only set you up with a job, but with achievable goals and real positive potential for a career, and a life with purpose.

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Finding the right opportunity for your skills

APM Employment Services work with employers and job seekers alike to find the best matches for the skills required and available.

Your employment consultant wants you to have every chance of finding a job that's right for you, and to boost your chances of getting hired, they'll give you access to trainings including:

  • building your IT and job search skills
  • building your skills through short courses, apprenticeships or other activities
  • support to buy equipment, tools or make workplace modifications if required

Support for employers

When you're with APM, you're not just in good hands, you're in the hands of one of Australia's largest contractors of disability services.

We help thousands of job seekers, of all ability levels, into new jobs every year. Our people work with job seekers to understand their strengths and what they want to achieve.

Many employees with disabilities have fulfilling careers with their employers, becoming a valued part of a diverse workplace. So when it comes to filling a vacancy in your organisation, APM has a range of capable candidates to add to you team.

If you're wanting to take advantage of the multiple benefits that come from having a job or hiring a person with a disability, get in contact with Disability Employment Services to see how we can support you to find work which genuinely works for you.