How to find your dream job

Male cafe employee standing at counter

There are many ways to find a job.

Choosing or knowing the right places to look can feel daunting, but you might discover an avenue you haven't tried yet.

Depending on the industry you are applying for, or the role you seek, your job searching techniques can differ.

Whether you're just starting or re-starting your hunt for a job, we've put together a few ideas to help your search:


Many jobs are advertised only on the internet these days, as it is quick and easy for both the employer and client. Search for company specific websites or recruitment websites.

To make the most out of your internet job search experience, follow these tips:

  • Do your research - Look at company websites you might like to work for and check their ‘careers' or ‘work for us’ pages.
  • Widen your search - Google search jobs in your chosen industry or role to find leads to companies you may not have thought of.
  • Set up your profile on recruitment sites - including Seek, CareerOne, MyCareer, Jora, Indeed and search for industry specific recruitment companies.
  • Beware of false opportunities - double check the source of the job you're applying for, be extremely wary of any recruitment company that wants money handed over to register.
  • Sign-up for business network sites like LinkedIn - these platforms are great for your skills and experience on a profile. Employers often search LinkedIn profiles for potential staff, and advertise available positions on the LinkedIn job board. You can also search company profiles, connect with prospective employers and previous colleagues. You could even do a shout-out post i.e., ‘Customer service extraordinaire seeks role in the Melbourne area.’


Many jobs are not advertised publicly and end up being filled through word-of-mouth.

This is called the ‘hidden jobs market’ and networking is a perfect way to tap into it.

Talk with your friends, family, peers and let them know you are looking for work. 

You may be surprised by what opportunities pop up. Recommendations from family and friends can go a long way.

Online networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can also provide good networking opportunities.

Do a shout-out to your connections, or advertise yourself as looking for work.

Just bear in mind you need to keep your profile simple and professional – it may be worth checking, archiving, removing any content on your public profiles beforehand.

Cold calling and job canvassing

Another way to access the ‘hidden jobs market’ is through cold calling and canvassing to employers you have an interest in working for.

This involves making contact to ask if any positions are available and selling yourself to those roles.

Contacting a potential employer, or dropping into their place of business unannounced can feel daunting. Here are some tips for success:

  • Before the call/visit - Think about who you want to ask for, it will generally be the manager or human resource department. Think about what role you are interested in. Make sure you research the company to show your eagerness and come across as the right person for the job. Prepare a basic script of what you’d like to say.
  • During the call/visit - Introduce yourself and make sure you are polite and enthusiastic. Speak clearly and use the person’s name during your conversation. Be persistent, if you are not talking or meeting with the right person, ask for contact details of the best person to speak to.
  • After the call/visit - Follow up shortly after making contact in an email or letter to say thanks for the person’s time, and email/ send any information that you may have promised them.