The best job search websites to find employment in Australia

When looking for work opportunities, job search websites are a good place to start.

The best job search websites in Australia use smart search technology to allow you to find the job ads that fit what you're looking for.

Many of them also allow you to set up an alert so that you can apply quickly, whenever a new opportunity arises.

What are the best job search websites in Australia?

Some of the best job search websites in Australia include:

1. JobSearch

JobSearch is a free online jobs website by the Australian Government which allows you to search for employment opportunities and connect with employers who are looking to fill positions.

If you need more one-on-one help finding work, you may be eligible for the government's Workforce Australia service. Workforce Australia is replacing jobactive from July 1 2022. Providers like APM can help you with looking and applying for jobs, finding apprenticeships and traineeships and accessing employment services in your local area.

2. Seek

Seek is one of the largest and most popular job search websites in Australia, claiming to have 50 million candidate relationships and 300,000 hirer relationships. On websites like Seek, you can search for job listings by location and industry, as well as pay range and type of work – such as full time, part time, casual, contract/temp.

Seek also offers a range of job searching tools, including the ability to create a profile to help you attract employers. There are also tools to help you stay organised during your job search, such as keeping track of jobs you want to apply for and jobs you've already applied for.

3. CareerOne

CareerOne connects job seekers with a large range of job listings and career opportunities that match what they're looking for. You can search for job vacancies by location, industry or more specific categories such as 'flexible hours', 'work from home' and 'part time'.

You can also set up job alerts so that you get an email every time a new job posting that matches what you're looking for is listed. CareerOne offers additional tools for job seekers including free reviews to improve your CV and a career advice website.

4. Adzuna

Adzuna collects ads from many different places, including newspapers, and puts them in one place. With tens of millions of visitors a month, it's one of the most popular job search websites in Australia.

The advanced search tool allows you to exclude words, match exact phrases and find opportunities from specific companies. Adzuna also has a CV evaluator tool which can help you figure out what you should be paid for a particular job.

5. Toozly

Toozly is a job search website for people living with disability. It connects job seekers with employers, and supports employers to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

The Toozly website has a resources section with a comprehensive list of resources and information on disability, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

6. Industry-specific websites

In addition to the more comprehensive job websites like Seek, CareerOne and Adzuna, there are many niche job search websites where you can search for opportunities within a specific industry. These include:

  • ArtsHub – job opportunities and career advice for the arts industry
  • APS Jobs – career opportunities in the Australian Public Service industry
  • Healthcare Australia – job listings for nurses, aged care staff, support workers and medical specialists
  • SportsPeople – jobs in the sports industry

Beyond job search websites – Other ways to find work

While job sites are a good place to start looking for job opportunities, they're not the only way to find employment.

In fact, many job vacancies are never listed online and are instead filled by word of mouth. Trying a range of different job search methods can open the door to more opportunities.

In addition to searching for work on the best job sites, consider these alternative job search methods:


Tell people in your network that you are looking for work and you might be surprised what opportunities arise.

Your network could include friends and family as well as past colleagues, bosses and people you know from volunteer work, studies or work experience.

Company websites

Many businesses list current job openings on the careers page of their website.

If you are interested in working for a specific organisation, this can be a good way of finding opportunities.

Signing up to email newsletters or job alerts can help you keep track of when the organisation has an opening.

Cold pitching

Cold pitching is when you reach out to an organisation directly to ask about job opportunities.

You can call or email a business, asking if they have any openings and explaining why you'd be a great addition to their business. For small businesses in your local area, you can try taking your resume in person.

Employment services

If you're finding it hard to secure work on your own, it's important to reach out for help.

Whether you need help writing your resume, securing job interviews or finding suitable job opportunities in your area – there are many employment services and supports that can help.

  • Workforce Australia (replacing the jobactive service from July 1 2022) – the government's mainstream program to help Australians into work.
  • Disability Employment Services – support to find and keep a job for people with injury, illness or disability.
  • ParentsNext – helping parents of young children plan and prepare for employment.
  • Transition to Work – support young people to transition into the world of work, including apprenticeships and traineeships.
  • Community Development Program – support for jobseekers in remote Australia.

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