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Workforce Australia is the new system to help you find a job

If you’re out of work, you'll be connected with Workforce Australia when you apply for income support via Centrelink.

Depending on the level of support you need to find a job, you will:

What is Workforce Australia?

Workforce Australia replaces the national jobactive program and is open to anyone who is unemployed and claiming income support payments.

There are several support programs delivered by Workforce Australia providers in regions across the country.

If you can self-manage your job search, a new website has been launched to assist you in finding employment and reporting your mutual obligations.

If you require more support, or want in-person assistance, you can ask to join a Workforce Australia provider such as APM Employment Services.

This enhanced support is called Workforce Australia Services and includes one on one assistance with a dedicated employment consultant.

They will meet with you regularly and help you get job-ready, access relevant skills training and help you meet potential employers looking to hire local people.

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Why choose APM Employment Services?

Workforce Australia may be new - but we’ve been helping people find and stay in work for more than 25 years.

APM Employment Services is one of the largest Workforce Australia providers selected by the Australian Government to help more unemployed people back into work.

We have a strong track record of helping people get where they want to be – not just by helping job seekers get hired, but by supporting them into lasting and long-term employment.

When you join us for Workforce Australia Services, you get a local

employment consultant who knows the employers, businesses and job opportunities near you. They will listen to you and get to understand the challenges you face in finding a good job.

And they will help you boost your confidence, motivation and guide you through the process of job searching and securing the employment that suits you.

Plus, you're supported by an experienced team with connections to local and national employers from more than 500 locations across Australia.

With APM you get the support, you get the skills, you get the job.

Workforce Australia programs for job seekers

Workforce Australia Services is one-on-one support for people who would like in-person assistance or require more help to become work-ready and find a lasting job.

APM Employment Services is a designated provider of Workforce Australia Services in communities across Australia.

Our experienced employment teams work with you to build a path to suitable work and access the additional support you need to find and keep a job.

Workforce Australia Online allows you to manage your own search for work while you receive income support payments.

The online platform provides you with information and tools to help you look for work, change jobs or plan for a future career change.

You will be registered for platform when you apply for income support, and you can request to join Workforce Australia Services if you need in-person support.

APM Employment Services is a Specialist Support provider for Indigenous Australians in designated regions.

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders participants can access resources, training, mentors and community-based support to succeed in their path to employment, where the service is delivered.

Speak to your local APM Employment Services team to see if you're eligible for specialised support.

Specialist support is also available for people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) communities.

Our APM Employment Services teams often include experienced members from a range of backgrounds who understand the cultural and systematic barriers people may face when looking for meaningful work.

This can include support with language, cultural and religious differences.

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, we can help you get started and become self-employed.

If you're eligible, we’ll help you develop your idea, build your business plan, access small-business training, advice and mentoring – all at no cost.

Employability Skills Training allows you to develop job search skills and access training for specific industries as part of your Job Plan.

You can also gain work trial placements and work tickets you may need for your preferred job.

If you're 45 or over, Career Transition Assistance provides practical help to build skills, knowledge and confidence to become more competitive in your local job market.

Transition to Work gives every young person the support that’s right for them and the guidance to get started in work and move forward in life after school ends.