What is Disability Employment Services?

What is Disability Employment Services?

Disability Employment Services is a program of services that help people with an injury, illness or disability find and keep a job.

If you have an injury, illness or disability, you might have considered work isn’t an option. Finding a job that works for you can be challenging, but Disability Employment Services is there to help you.

An initiative of the Australian government, Disability Employment Services is more than just recruitment and provides several benefits and services that can help you with the following:

  • Manage any health issues, including injuries and illnesses that might be making it difficult for you to find work
  • Identifying your strengths and capabilities that are attractive to employers
  • Develop skills to help prepare you for work and being part of a workplace
  • Offer you guidance when you start a new job with further information and support to help you settle into your new role and workplace

Additionally, part of the support provided by Disability Employment Services is supporting and working with employers from companies and organisations looking to hire staff.

We can help you prepare for the job, because we know what they’re looking for.

For those who are eligible for Disability Employment Services, you may have been referred to an employment service provider by Centrelink, as you may be able to receive financial assistance to prepare for, find and keep a job.

Employment service providers are organisations that provide the service. Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services is APM.

We have more than 500 offices across Australia, and there are more employment consultants with APM than any other provider.

Who is eligible for Disability Employment Services?

Who is eligible for Disability Employment Services?

You’ll be eligible for Disability Employment Services if you have an injury, illness or disability that affects the work you can do. You’ll also need to be an Australian citizen aged between 14 and retirement age and have a work capacity assessment that shows you can do at least 8 hours of work per week.

Alternatively, you can contact a Disability Employment Services provider directly and they can help you assess your eligibility. The provider will have a website you can register through.

Once your eligibility has been determined, an employment consultant from your Disability Employment Services provider will make a time to meet with you.

After they have listened to you and understand your circumstances, they can create a plan with you that will help you to find and keep a job.

What are the benefits of Disability Employment Services?

When you register and join a Disability Employment Services provider like APM, you get access to a whole range of benefits including access to an employment consultant. They can guide you through what can be a challenging task, of finding a job that works for you.

Additionally, an employment consultant can discuss any career goals you have, help you create a resume, identify and highlight the skills and attributes you have that employers find attractive, assist you in searching for jobs and prepare you for interviews.

The largest Disability Employment Services provider in Australia is APM. We help more people with disability find work than any other provider.