With APM by his side, Cristian found long term work that improved his mental health 

Cristian had been unemployed and living with anxiety and depression for 10 years before signing up for APM’s Disability Employment Services. 

With the support of APM, Cristian was able to improve his job searching skills, write a resume and boost his confidence in job interviews.

As part of his personalised program, Cristian was also able to meet employers about possible work and he was supported by a dedicated APM team member every step of the way.

With a young child, Cristian was determined to make a change to be a good dad and provide more for his son.

Cristian’s dedication quickly paid off. Today he is enjoying life in a new job that suits his condition, learning new skills to advance his career and continuing to improve his mental health.

Best of all, he’s proud to provide more for his son and be the father he always wanted to be.  

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