Shannon pesters his dad to bring him in earlier to work

Not many people can say they love their job like that.

But Shannon does, and the feeling with his employer is mutual.

Since he’s started at Fins Seafood in North Coogee, Perth – he’s been a hit with his colleagues and his bosses.

His employer Asher marvels at the positive impact hiring Shannon has had for Fins Seafood:

“People check their watches wondering when Shannon’s coming in, everyone’s happy to see him”

In fact, Shannon impressed APM and his employers so much that he has featured in our latest Employment Services campaign advertisements!

"Shannon has fitted in with our business perfectly"

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Breaking out of long-term unemployment

Like any job seeker, Shannon came up against several barriers to employment.

Shannon lives with Down Syndrome, he had work experience, but hadn’t secured the opportunity he needed.

In late-2019 he approached APM for help to overcome his biggest barrier – long-term unemployment.

Shannon’s Employment Consultant Max supported him from the start of his journey:

“He did struggle applying for work and creating a resume on his own” he said.

“He just wasn’t getting that leg-up - that’s where APM came in and helped him achieve those goals.”

After helping Shannon put together a resume of all his work experiences, Max got to work with Shannon to market him to employers, even joining Shannon to canvass local businesses on foot.

Eventually Max approached Fins Seafood and after a few conversations they got Shannon into a role.

That initial conversation was over half a year ago now, and the benefits are evident:

“Shannon is a lot more confident, he’s happy, he loves his routine” Max said.

As part of the weekly post-placement support APM provide, Max follows up with Shannon, his Dad and with Fins.

The feedback from Shannon’s employer Asher, is glowing, with his colleagues all looking forward to seeing Shannon each shift.

“I feel good here” Shannon said “I’m happy working here.”

The Disability Employment Service program by APM has not only secured Shannon fulfilling work, it’s made him a star at work and on TV!

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"I'm happy working here"

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A perfect fit for Fins

This was the first time Fins Seafood had hired an employee with disability, Asher spoke honestly about the beginning of their experience with Shannon:

“We weren’t sure what he was going to be able to do when he first started.”

Asher said “Shannon’s probably one of our most popular team members now.”

Fins were guided through the process by Employment Consultants Max and Dani, with Asher remarking how easy the process was.

“Our experience dealing with Shannon has been exceptional” Asher agreed “If there’s other businesses where people like Shannon could fit, I recommend it 100%.”

Shannon really has become more than just another employee at Fins – from bringing sweet treats for his colleagues on Fridays, to enjoying lunch with his colleague Phil on Tuesdays – he brings an infectious, happy energy to work every day.

“Shannon can really lighten the mood and brought us all together, he’s really good for our morale” Asher said.

Job well done, all around!

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