Are you ready to leave school and find a job?

Having a job when you finish school could give you the money and independence you’re looking for.

If you’re in your final year at school with a disability or health condition, and you want to get to work, we’re here to help. APM Disability Employment Services is all about you.

Your goals, your dreams, your strengths

When you register with us, we build a program that supports you from the beginning of your job search to starting work. If you're eligible for our school leaver services, we provide:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Personalised job seeker programs
  • Support and guidance to keep you motivated
  • Access work experience and volunteer opportunities
  • Ongoing support when you start your new job​

With more than 500 locations across Australia, there’s an APM office near you.

Plus we also work with your parents, carers, and any other service providers you rely on, to make sure you get the support that's best for you.

Register with APM today to get started on your path to employment.

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Meet some of the school leavers who have
changed their lives through APM


Dale is a bright young man who, like many, struggled to find a job. His autism is not a barrier to employment, but an important factor in determining how comfortable he would feel in his new workplace.

Working together with his APM Employment Consultant, Dale secured a job and has been loving every moment of it.

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Chanay was 16 when she discovered the hearing bones inside her ears were being eaten away by a disease. After a series of operations, she required a cochlear implant to help her hear.

Like anyone, the loss of hearing and medical procedures that followed took their toll on the teenager. Then Chanay came to APM.

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Facing the world of work is daunting for anyone when they finish school and look for their first job. For Jarryd, this next step in his life was made even more challenging due to his autism.

Eligible for support as a result of his autism, Jarryd registered with APM for the Disability Employment Services program and quickly got to work on overcoming his challenges.

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How to get started 

To be an eligible school leaver, you must be living with a disability or medical condition and plan to find a job after leaving school

You also need to be in Year 11 or 12 and attend either;

  • A disability specialist school
  • A mainstream school and receive additional disability funding or be in a specialist disability class

When you register with us, one of our employment consultants will meet with you to assess your needs and capabilities, and become your guide through the Disability Employment Services program.

If you already have a job, to get support from APM’s Disability Employment Services team you must not be currently employed for eight hours or more per week.

APM is Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services and our experienced consultants can help you make the best start before you leave school.

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How do I qualify for a school leavers employment service?
What is the SLES program?
Are you a SLES provider?
What is the difference between SLES funding and Disability Employment Services?
Can school leavers access Disability Employment Services?
How does school leavers employment service work?
What is the nearest APM office in my area?

Get started with Disability Employment Services in 4 easy steps

Register with us, and we'll be in touch in the next couple of days to discuss further.

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Meet your dedicated employment consultant at your nearest APM office.

Discuss your disability or health condition, and employment needs.

Your employment journey begins!

Let’s take your first steps together

We aim to help you find suitable employment and prepare you to start work as soon as possible.

During your job search we'll help you access short courses for job training, work experience and job placements with local employers.

And when you find a job, our support doesn't end.

We help you settle in to your new role, learn about your new employer and understand the working environment and team you're joining.

We'll also help develop strategies to adapt to any changes in the job and how to overcome any personal issues that arise.

We'll link your employment with your existing support services, so everyone works together to give you the best chance of success in your new job.

If you’re unsure of what to do when school ends, or how to get started, we can help you make the best first step into employment.

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Get a head start on your job search and download your guide to our school leaver services now image

Get a head start on your job search and download your guide to our school leaver services now

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