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If you’re ready for paid work, on-the-job training, and nationally recognised qualifications, APM Apprenticeships is here.

APM Apprenticeships - part of APM Employment Services - provides you opportunities to earn while you learn in workplaces across Victoria.

You can choose from a wide range of qualifications across all industries and you may be eligible for government financial support and other benefits.

You will be able to earn while you learn on-the-job and while you study at TAFE or other schools, and you’ll gain valuable skills and experience to launch your career after you’re fully qualified.

Apprenticeships usually take between three to four years to complete, and a traineeship is usually between one to two years. Find out more about the difference between apprenticeships and traineeships below.

Want to hire an apprentice?

If you're an employer in Victoria who wants to hire an apprentice for your business, head to our Apprenticeships for Employers page.

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Who can do an apprenticeship?

  • School leavers: Just finished school? You can start an apprenticeship.
  • Career changers: Want a new job or career? You can start an apprenticeship.
  • Adults: Thinking of re-entering the workforce? You can start an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships have a flexible eligibility. You can even start while still in school through a school-based apprenticeship. You can study full-time, part-time, or mix both, earning and learning as you go.

Typically, to join an apprenticeship, you are required to be:

  • of working age
  • an Australian citizen
  • a permanent resident or have a Visa that allows you to work in Australia

What you gain

  • Practical hands-on training
  • Paid work and structured learning 
  • Experience in an industry you choose 
  • Formal recognition of your skills and experience
  • National recognised qualification
  • Support to continue and complete your apprenticeship

Plus, when you join APM Apprenticeships you gain support from the national workplace and employment services team that has been helping people secure meaningful jobs and fulfilling careers for more than 30 years.

Women in Trades

APM Apprenticeships is dedicated to supporting women in non-traditional trade careers.

We want to see more women success in building and construction, engineering, agriculture, electrical, mining and other industries usually dominated by male tradies.

Our teams provide specialist mentoring support, events and opportunities for female apprentices. These may include:

  • One to one mentoring and support to deal with workplace issues
  • Learning and peer support networks with other women in trades
  • Career and further education advice related to your trade
  • Connections to other support services
  • APM support with your employer to assist you in a safe workplace

To support more women in trades, the Australian Government has designated women apprenticeships as a priority occupation, and if eligible APM can help you access funds to offset the cost of living and other incentives.

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Clean Energy Occupations

Apprentices with APM can also benefit from specialist support when taking opportunities with businesses in the clean energy industry.

These industries include work in solar installation, large-scale renewable projects, electric vehicles, green hydrogen and renewable manufacturing.

Support you may be eligible for includes:

  • Peer networking to grow your knowledge and skills capability
  • Mentoring and sessions to understand the needs of the workplace
  • Additional support to succeed in the workplace of the future
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Types of apprenticeships


An apprenticeship usually lasts three to four years. It combines hands-on work with off-the-job training from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). 

When you finish, you'll have a nationally recognised qualification and valuable skills that many employers want.


A traineeship is a deal between you and your employer. They train you in a specific industry, and you agree to work and learn. 

Traineeships can last from nine months to four years, depending on the job and the level of qualification.

School-based Apprenticeship

A school-based apprenticeship lets you mix school, part-time work, and formal study. This helps you get a head start on your career while still in school. 

You might finish your apprenticeship one or two years faster or even complete a traineeship before finishing Year 12. The time it takes depends on the job and qualification.

APM Apprenticeships is here throughout your apprenticeship journey, from preparing to join to completing your apprenticeship.

We are contracted by the Australian Government to ensure you and your employer receive high-quality support.

Before you start

  • Career advice: Guidance on choosing the right apprenticeship and career path based on your interests, skills, and long-term goals.
  • Matching with employers: Assistance in finding suitable apprenticeship opportunities and matching you with potential employers.

Getting started

  • Training contract: Help with the paperwork and legalities involved in signing a training contract with your employer.
  • Induction: Introduction to the apprenticeship system, explaining your rights and responsibilities and what to expect during your training.

During your apprenticeship

  • Mentorship and support: Ongoing mentorship to help you navigate any challenges, stay motivated, and achieve your training objectives.
  • Progress monitoring: Regular check-ins to monitor your progress, address any issues, and ensure you’re on track to complete your apprenticeship.
  • Conflict resolution: Assistance in resolving workplace conflicts or training-related issues, to ensure you and your employer maintain a positive and productive learning environment.

Training and assessment

  • Training plan: A tailored training plan in collaboration with your employer and registered training organisation (RTO).
  • Support with assessments: Guidance on preparing for and completing assessments to achieve your qualifications.

Accessing financial help

  • Incentive applications: Help with applying for various financial incentives and allowances provided by the Australian Government.
  • Budgeting advice: Financial advice to help you manage your finances effectively during your apprenticeship.

Completion services

  • Completion certificate: Assistance with the paperwork and processes required to obtain your completion certificate and nationally recognised qualification.
  • Career transition: Guidance on job search strategies, resume writing, and interview preparation to help you transition from apprenticeship to full-time employment.
  • Further education and training: Advice on opportunities for further education and training to advance your career.

The Australian Government offers various financial incentives and allowances to support apprentices.

These initiatives are designed to ease the financial burden, encouraging more people to take up apprenticeships and complete their training successfully.

Speak to APM Apprenticeships to discuss your eligibility for any of these financial supports.


Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA)

  • Eligibility: LAFHA is available to eligible apprentices who have to move away from their parental home for work purposes.
  • Support: The allowance helps cover the additional costs of living away from home. It is provided for up to 12 months.


Australian Apprenticeship Support Loan 

  • Eligibility: Available to Australian apprentices undertaking a Certificate III or IV level qualification leading to an occupation on the National Skills Needs List.
  • Support: Apprentices can access loans over the life of their apprenticeship. The loans are paid monthly in arrears and can be used for any living and work expenses. Apprentices receive a 20% discount on their loan amount if they complete their apprenticeship.


Youth Allowance, Austudy, and ABSTUDY

  • Eligibility: Depending on age, study load, and personal circumstances, apprentices may be eligible for Youth Allowance (for those under 25), Austudy (for those over 25), or ABSTUDY (for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander apprentices).
  • Support: These payments help cover living expenses while you are undertaking your apprenticeship.

For more information including the latest details on the amount of funding in each support, visit the Australian Apprenticeships website.

Wages for an Apprentice or Trainee

  • Training Contract Requirement: You can only be paid apprentice/trainee rates if you have a formal training contract with your employer.
  • Variable Pay Rates: Pay rates depend on the industry and increase at different periods or skill levels during your apprenticeship.
  • Minimum Conditions: Modern Awards establish minimum conditions for employers across Australia.
  • Further Information: Visit fairwork.gov.au/pay for more details on wages.

If You're Experiencing Problems

  • Immediate Action: Inform your supervisor or manager if you’re not receiving appropriate support, experiencing harassment or bullying, or facing any other issues.
  • Additional Support: Contact APM Apprenticeships for advice and assistance.
  • Training Provider and DESBT: Speak to your training provider or contact the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT).
  • Anti-Bullying Laws: Most workers, including apprentices and trainees, are covered by national anti-bullying laws. More information is available at fairwork.gov.au or by contacting the Fair Work Commission on 13 13 94.

Your Health & Safety in the Workplace

  • Follow Instructions: Follow all health and safety instructions given by your employer.
  • Safe Workplace: Your employer must provide a workplace free from verbal, physical, sexual, and racial abuse.
  • Legal Obligations: Employers are legally obligated to ensure your physical and mental safety.
  • More Information: Visit safeworkaustralia.gov.au for more details.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Providers’ Code of Conduct

  • Standards and Behaviour: As an Australian Apprenticeship Support Services provider, APM Apprenticeships complies with the Code of Conduct, which sets out acceptable behaviour and service standards. You can request a copy if needed.

You and Your Employer’s Obligations

  • National Code of Good Practice: This code helps employers and apprentices understand each other’s obligations and expectations. A copy is included in your induction kit.

Ongoing Support from APM Apprenticeships

  • Regular Check-Ins: APM Apprenticeships will regularly contact you to check your progress and offer support.
  • Contact Us: Reach out anytime for assistance at 1800 276 276.

Your Privacy

  • Privacy Principles: APM Apprenticeships adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles. If you have concerns about how your personal information is handled, contact APM Apprenticeships.

Amending or Cancelling a Training Contract

  • Making Changes: If you need to amend or cancel your training contract, contact APM Apprenticeships on 1800 276 276 at any time.

Completing Your Qualification

  • Discuss Completion: Talk to your employer to ensure all on-the-job competencies are met before contacting your training provider to facilitate the process.
  • Agreement Required: You, your employer, and your training provider must agree that all required competencies, both on and off the job, are achieved before you receive your qualification.

Have a Complaint?

  • Escalating Issues: Contact the Skilling Australia information line in the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (1800 020 108) if you need to escalate a complaint against an Apprenticeship Network provider that couldn’t be resolved through their process.

Download the Australian Apprenticeships guide for apprentices and trainees.

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