Fulfilling and rewarding jobs for people with anxiety

a woman with anxiety happily trimming flowers while working at a florist

Living with anxiety and the symptoms of anxiety can make life feel unpredictable.

You may even feel that there are no jobs out there for you, but that’s isn’t the case. There are opportunities.

In fact, there are plenty of job options for people with anxiety. When you know your needs and what you want in a job, the search will be easier.

Brainstorm your career path

There is no one-size-fits-all job for anyone, including people living with anxiety. When you’re on the job hunt, you should look for jobs that suit you as an individual with your unique strengths, skills and passions.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I good at?
  • What are my strengths, skills and passions?
  • What jobs have I had before? Were they right for me?
  • What skills might I need to gain?

Understanding your stress

Take a moment to write down what demands any job has - think about the environment, the level of social interaction and the tasks involved.

  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What are your triggers?
  • Will you need flexible work arrangements?

Just because a job has potential challenges, doesn’t mean you have to avoid working. You can find employment which you can thrive in.

You can manage your stressors with the right strategies, accommodations or workplace modifications. Ask yourself what you could do to manage the stressors.

If you need help staying in a job, APM offers work modifications so that you can keep working while managing your anxiety.

Often, we don’t know exactly what a job will involve until we’re doing it. Try talking to someone who works in the job you’re interested in and they’ll be able to give you an inside perspective.

Knowing what is right for you

Everyone is different. You’ll have unique needs and preferences when it comes to work.

For example:

Many people with anxiety work well in jobs that require a lot of focus. By putting your attention on what needs to be done, you have less time to obsess over worries.

If social situations trigger your anxiety, you may prefer to work on your own instead of in a team. Some social interaction may be beneficial. Ask yourself what balance is best for you.

Sometimes people with anxiety have excellent information gathering skills and excel in a job that requires investigating information or analysing data.

In your journey with anxiety, you have probably picked up many valuable skills. You might enjoy working in a role that helps others learn and apply these skills as well.

Jobs For People With Anxiety

Need some job inspiration? Here are eight great job ideas for people with anxiety.

1. Fitness trainer / dietician

Exercise and a healthy diet are really important for managing anxiety and overall mental health. If you are passionate about the benefits of exercise and diet, why not make it your career?

Woman with anxiety leading a yoga class of people in an open, sunlit gym

2. Counselor / mental health worker

Do you want to help others who are struggling with their mental health? Your experience with anxiety might help you understand what others are going through as you assist them towards recovery.

3. Plumber / carpenter / electrician

Working as a tradie involves a lot of problem solving and physical labour. This means you have to focus on what’s in front of you, rather than your anxieties. While there is some social interaction, a lot of the work is done independently.

4. Lab technician

Lab techs work behind the scenes collecting and analysing samples. They can work in the medical field helping find diagnoses and treatments for patients. Environmental lab techs test the local environment for any contaminants.

5. Shelf stocker / warehouse worker

If you want a behind-the-scenes job, you could consider working in a warehouse or stocking shelves in retail stores. These roles are typically low stress and require limited interaction with other people.

6. Gardener / landscaper / florist

Nature often has a calming effect for people with anxiety. Gardening and landscaping jobs involve a lot of time outdoors with limited interaction with other people. Some often have a creative element too.

7. Freelance writer / graphic designer

If you want a job with lots of flexibility, freelance work might suit you. Freelance writers, editors and graphic designers usually work from home. They need to get projects done, but usually don’t have to turn up for regular hours.

8. Web designer / computer programmer / software developer

Technology based jobs often require lots of focus and problem solving. Tasks are usually completed on your own, but sometimes you will be required to work in a team.

Need help finding work? We’re here for you

At APM, we understand that looking for work can be tough, especially when you’re living with anxiety. If you need a little help, we’re here for you.

Through our Employment Services program we help thousands of job seekers find work, and we want to help find the right fit for you.