Top 3 benefits of work for people with anxiety

There are many benefits of work for people with anxiety

When you live with anxiety, your ability to carry out or take pleasure in day-to-day activities may be affected.

Many people with anxiety experience intense worry and fear and may use avoidance as a way of coping. That may include avoiding work.

If you have anxiety there’s a chance you feel there are no jobs available for you.

As you probably already know symptoms that come with anxiety, such as lack of concentration or difficulty relaxing, can make work seem overwhelming.

However, the Disability Employment Services program with APM Employment Services is proven to help people like you succeed in finding a job.

Dan overcame anxiety to find a job through Disability Employment Services

There are jobs out there for people with anxiety and our teams work with employers to facilitate some of the things you may experience.

Our Disability Employment Services team has access to these jobs and employers and can work with you to find employment.

Plus, some of the things which may add to your anxiety, worries and fears, can be lessened or even eliminated entirely when you find a job that works for you.

Our team regularly sees the benefit of employment on a person’s mental health, including someone with anxiety.

Woman smiling at work after finding a job with anxiety

Here are the top 3 benefits of working for people with anxiety...

1. Greater sense of purpose

Having a routine, a place to go and people relying on you to help them, offers purpose and fulfilment.

In particular, having a job that is yours and the responsibility to get work done all adds to our sense of purpose and gives us a reason to get up in the morning.

Plus, when we see our work makes a manager, colleague or customer happy, our brains get a massive boost of positive feelings. For people with anxiety, this often helps improve their attitude to life and increase their overall happiness.

2. Boost in confidence

As you may know, people with anxiety are not always the most confident, even if we try and portray ourselves that way.

But having a job where we complete tasks, learn new things and make a positive impact on other people’s lives, makes us feel confident about our own actions and capabilities.

Just knowing we are able to do a job and be a valuable part of a workplace can make all the difference.

It may not happen on the first day, but as you overcome the new-starter nerves and grow into your role, you will become more confident about your abilities and see a noticeable difference in your attitude to things outside of work too.

3. Improved finances

Yes, this is an obvious one, but it's easily overlooked when talking about our health. It’s no surprise that one of the most common causes of worry and stress is financial pressure.

In our society money is how we determine our future. Working and earning money can reduce some of the anxiety of not having enough money for the costs associated with living.

Even if you start earning less than you would ideally like, the opportunity to earn more will increase once you’re in the workforce.

Having a job will not only mean learning new skills, it will broaden your experience and capabilities for future employment.

See how Dan overcame his anxiety about work, to find a job...

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Disability Employment Services with APM can open doors to employment and a better quality of life.

If you’re living with anxiety, some of those things that are interfering with your ability to enjoy life can be better manager or reduced when you find work.

Additionally, some of the things causing worry or distress can be phased out entirely.

To see if you’re eligible for the program contact our support team today.