Great job ideas for people living with Down syndrome

For people living with Down syndrome, a job can boost confidence and provide a sense of purpose.

With the right support and skills, people with Down syndrome can thrive in a wide range of job roles and workplaces.

There are 3 types of Down syndrome – Trisomy 21, Translocation Down syndrome and Mosaic Down syndrome.

Depending on the person’s level of independence, the severity of their disability and the level of social skills, they can work in many skilled or semi skilled roles.

If you are living with Down syndrome and need help finding work, APM can help. We support people like you to find work and feel great in the workplace.

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What to look for in a job

For people living with Down syndrome, they can experience many barriers to getting a job.

When you register for Disability Employment Services with APM, we can help you overcome those barriers and feel confident about working.

We understand that everyone’s needs are unique when it comes to work. Our services are highly personal and tailored to the individual.

Some important factors to consider when looking for jobs for people with Down syndrome are:

  • Safe and easy access to work buildings.
  • Supportive employers who are willing to listen and make adjustments.
  • Accessible technologies and suitable workplace adjustments so the individual can perform their role properly.
  • Flexibility, especially if parents or caregivers are involved in transporting the individual to work.

Job ideas for people living with Down syndrome

People with Down syndrome can thrive in a wide range of roles. Just like anyone else, considering your interests, skills and abilities is important when looking for a suitable job.

Here are some examples of jobs where people with Down syndrome have thrived in.


This is a great role for people who have good social skills and like to make others smile. Greeters can work in a wide range of settings including restaurants, trains and events.

Important skills for this role include having a welcoming attitude, helping people feel at ease and communicating information clearly.

Warehouse/factory worker

Warehouse and factory workers help prepare and package products. This may be a suitable role for people with good hand eye coordination. Tasks tend to be repetitive and flexible to suit the capabilities of the individual. In most cases, adjustments can be made such as receiving written instructions instead of verbal ones and voice to text technologies.

Take Shannon for example. After years of being unemployed, Shannon turned to APM for help and found a job that he loves at Fins Seafood in North Coogee, Perth. Shannon’s employer and colleagues enjoy the infectious and happy energy he brings to the workplace.

Peer facilitator

Organisations like Down Syndrome Australia offer paid job opportunities for people with Down syndrome. A role like peer facilitator may involve helping others with Down syndrome learn about participating in the community, staying healthy and other life skills.

Working with other people who have Down syndrome may suit those who are confident talking in a group setting. Training and a support person is provided to help peer facilitators succeed in their role.


Working in a cafe, restaurant or hotel may be a suitable role if the workplace is supportive. Hospitality roles that are face to face with customers will require strong communication and social skills.

There are many repetitive tasks in hospitality such as clearing away tables, washing dishes and cleaning rooms. Modifications to equipment can help with motor coordination if needed.

Do you need help finding a job?

It can be discouraging if you want to work but can’t find a suitable job opportunity.

At APM, we help thousands of job seekers look for work and we’re ready to help you too.

When you register for Disability Employment Services with APM, your dedicated Employment Consultant will help you every step of the way on your journey to finding work.

Our services include:

  • Searching for suitable job opportunities
  • Preparing resumes and job applications
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Helping you boost some of your skills or support you to undertake training
  • Overcoming mental health barriers to work

When you get a new job, we will continue to support you so that you feel confident and happy in your job.

That may include helping you access workplace modifications or training so you can do your job better. We can also provide mental health support and help with transport, tools and uniform costs.

Register for Disability Employment Services with APM today and let’s get started finding you a job!