Meet Jessica

Jessica lives with anxiety and Cerebral Palsy, a lifelong disorder which primarily affects movement – the symptoms of which vary greatly from person to person.

For years, hearing ‘no’ was a regular happening for Jessica when she looked for work.

Then she found APM Disability Employment Services.

Shannon overcame a disability to find work though APM

Meet Shannon

Like any job seeker, Shannon came up against several barriers to employment.

But when he joined APM he was able to find a job he loves and an employer who supported him to become a popular member of the team.

Meet Kelsey

While living with anxiety and depression can make day-to-day life unpredictable, Kelsey has found a role which she thrives in.

Not only has Kelsey got her foot in the door at Guzman Y Gomez, she’s just on a roll – and according to her Manager Craig, she’s one of their fastest burrito rollers in the business!

APM Employment Services participant smiling in her new job

Meet Jarryd

Facing the world of work is daunting for anyone when they finish school and look for their first job.

For Jarryd, and thousands of other young Australians every year, this next step in his life was made even more challenging due to his autism.

Meet Sharon

Eight years ago, an accident at work in a hospital crushed her left hand, resulting in lasting damage and restricted use of her hand.

In the years that followed, Sharon struggled to find another job where employers would give her a chance.

Then she met the team at APM.


Meet Joseph

Finding an employer who could see past his Tourette's was a real challenge for Joseph.

“As soon as they hear Tourette’s they think the worst and they think I can’t do the job. And they really don’t just give me a chance," he said.

But with APM's help, Joseph was able to find the workplace where he would be a valuable and popular member of the team and get the support he needed to maintain his employment.

Meet Chanay

Chanay was 16 when she discovered the hearing bones inside her ears were being eaten away by a disease.

Like anyone, the loss of hearing and medical procedures that followed took their toll on the teenager.

“I was really unhappy, I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything.”

Then Chanay came to APM Employment Services...

Meet Patrick

Previously a business owner in the mining industry, Patrick, 43, said he had never had to search for work until after he became a quadriplegic and lost all function in his body from his neck down.

It has been 13 years since he broke his neck after falling from a rope swing into a river during a hot summer’s day off work with mates.

“I drowned at the scene. I was clinically dead a few times,” he said.

Meet Jeff

When a devastating back injury left him unable to work, Jeff soon lost his home, his relationship with his partner and found himself struggling with depression.

But no matter how difficult life got, the 64-year-old former labourer was determined to find work and move forward.

“You get so down. Everything seems like there’s a brick wall in the way and you can’t get through it,” Jeff said.

Meet Emma

Emma knew she would need a flexible employer and a role that would help her continue to manage her health conditions.

Living with a kidney disease alongside anxiety and depression, Emma was eager to find something worth getting out of bed every morning for and something to give her purpose.

After working with APM through the Disability Employment Services program, Emma was able to find a job with a flexible employer and she's now thriving in a new role she really enjoys.

Meet Pat

Pat has a job that makes him feel like a superstar.

As a lively, friendly face in the cafe at the Warragul Country Club, Pat is a popular member of the team.

With his enthusiasm and positive approach to his job, it's clear Pat isn't going to let the challenge of living with an intellectual disability stop him from working.

Meet Maddy

Maddy knows something about overcoming a challenge.

Growing up with cerebral palsy, an intellectual disability and epilepsy wasn’t easy.

But when it came to finding a job Maddy and her parents thought they wouldn’t find many opportunities. Then Maddy joined APM.

Meet Dan

Held back by depression and anxiety, Dan struggled to find work.

Then he joined APM, and everything started to change.

Meet Caley

Caley has plenty of goals he wants to kick.

As a popular member of staff in the Woolworths produce department, Caley says starting his job has got him over his biggest hurdle.

Diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy, Caley knows all about the challenges of find work he can perform and that he enjoys.

Meet Tansy

When Tansy was just three weeks old, a stroke damaged the left hemisphere of her brain. The lasting impact meant Tansy grew up with the restricted use of her right eye, arm and leg.

Unfortunately to some employers, Tansy was only useful as long as their six month subsidy for hiring a person with disability lasted.

Then Tansy joined APM…

Meet Leonie

Leonie felt invisible when she kept getting overlooked because of her disability. After injuring her neck and damaging nerves in her right leg, she wanted to work again.

When Leonie came to APM, her Employment Consultant knew her lived and professional experiences would make Leonie an asset to All-U-Need Pest Control.

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