Finding job success with
Disability Employment Services

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Meet some of the job seekers who found meaningful work through Disability Employment Services with APM

Meet Melissa

Melissa doesn’t see her disability as a barrier to employment anymore and she’d like other people and employers, to see it that way too.

The support she’s received from her employers and the team from APM Employment Services has transformed her outlook.

Melissa was determined to succeed, and it showed from the start.

Meet Ruth

When it comes to overcoming challenges, Ruth is someone who never gives up.

This determined and positive outlook led Ruth to APM Employment Services for support in learning new skills and boosting her chances of finding a valuable job.

Eligible for support through Disability Employment Services, Ruth, 62, took up the opportunity to try something new.

Meet Tayla

Living with cerebral palsy finding a good job in a workplace where she was accepted as a member of the team wasn’t easy.

When she approached APM Employment Services for support, the 24-year-old was feeling down about her chances of finding a good job.

Tayla’s openness and determination are just two of the qualities she brought to her successful journey to employment with APM Employment Services.

Meet Darren

Having a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning and move forward everyday is one of the many benefits that comes with a good job.

For Darren the sense of purpose that his employment brings has brought a life-changing and positive impact on his wellbeing.

It was following a confidence-boosting stint of volunteer work that Darren approached APM Employment Services for support in finding a meaningful job and a return to employment.

Meet Kyle

Kyle's parents were once told Kyle didn't need to find a job as he would be eligible for income support payments.

When searching for a job he refused to give up, even when prospective employers were hesitant to hire a person with a disability.

Having a job is about more than money for Kyle, he thrives on the social connection and sense of purpose which employment provides.

Meet Emma

Whether it’s looking for advice on a new outfit, buying a gift or taking a quick break from the town’s retailers, Emma is a welcome and popular person with customers new and old.

It’s the friendly personality and infectious smile that makes it hard to believe Emma needed help to find a job.

You only need to spend two minutes in Wangaratta’s Black Pepper store to understand why Emma is a regular stop for local shoppers

Meet Andrew

Andrew is a familiar friendly face for many guests at Munro & Sargeant as he buzzes between tables delivering food, drink and welcoming smiles.

While applying for work, he had experienced the jitters of job interviews but had not yet found the right fit.

This friendly, confident young man has come forward in leaps and bounds.

Meet Robyn

Living with depression and anxiety made Robyn feel that taking her next step would be impossible. But it wasn't.

She soon discovered the help from her local APM team was just what she needed to move forward.

Robyn’s perception of herself has completely changed and she is a confident and dedicated support worker for older people in her local community.

Meet Maegan

Following major spinal surgery to treat her scoliosis Maegan needed some assistance with her healing and pain management. After many attempts applying for work, she wasn’t finding the success she’d hoped for.

That’s when she reached out to APM and found the CROWNability program.

Meet Louis

Louis lives with epilepsy and a learning disability and had struggled to find work he was passionate about.

When it came to applying for jobs, he experienced a series of knockbacks which lowered his confidence.

Then he met the team at APM.

Meet Ashley

It may not have been easy, but experiencing depression and anxiety would eventually put Ashley on a whole new career path.

With support from the Disability Employment Services program by APM and the CROWNability program, she’s forging her career path with confidence and pride.

Meet Clyde

A steady job with a flexible work schedule helps Clyde manage his mental health and other life commitments.

After seeking support from APM and entering the CROWNability program, his outlook on life is a whole lot brighter.

Meet Kristie

'Am I worth it? Can I do it? Why do I keep getting knocked back?' As Kristie tried to break out of unemployment, these questions regularly played on her mind.

When she reached out to APM for help in finding work, she had a support network of people ready to see her succeed.

Meet Alexander

29-year-old Alex is one of the most affable and enthusiastic support workers you’ll come across.

His lived experience with autism makes him a great fit for his job, but it wasn’t that long ago he struggled to believe he would ever find work.

Meet Tammy

Born with a cleft palate, which impacts her verbal communication, Tammy had difficulty speaking with prospective employers, and didn’t get a chance to show her skills for roles being offered.

Having seen her nephew work with APM Employment Services and get placed into his dream job, Tammy knew they could help.

Meet Nicholas

After moving from Queensland to Western Australia, he was uncertain about his goals for his career and how he could achieve them.

Wanting to ‘find his feet’, Nicholas sought out APM Employment Services to help him find more sustainable employment.

Meet Jessica

Jessica lives with anxiety and Cerebral Palsy, a lifelong disorder which primarily affects movement – the symptoms of which vary greatly from person to person.

For years, hearing ‘no’ was a regular happening for Jessica when she looked for work.

Then she found APM Disability Employment Services.

Meet Shannon

Like any job seeker, Shannon came up against several barriers to employment.

But when he joined APM he was able to find a job he loves and an employer who supported him to become a popular member of the team.

Meet Leonie

Leonie felt invisible when she kept getting overlooked because of her disability. After injuring her neck and damaging nerves in her right leg, she wanted to work again.

When Leonie came to APM, her Employment Consultant knew her lived and professional experiences would make Leonie an asset to All-U-Need Pest Control.

Meet Jarryd

Facing the world of work is daunting for anyone when they finish school and look for their first job.

For Jarryd, and thousands of other young Australians every year, this next step in his life was made even more challenging due to his autism.

Meet Sharon

Eight years ago, an accident at work in a hospital crushed her left hand, resulting in lasting damage and restricted use of her hand.

In the years that followed, Sharon struggled to find another job where employers would give her a chance.

Then she met the team at APM.

Meet Caley

Diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy, Caley knows all about the challenges of find work he can perform and that he enjoys.

As a popular member of staff in the Woolworths produce department, Caley says starting his job has got him over his biggest hurdle.

Meet Chanay

Chanay was 16 when she discovered the hearing bones inside her ears were being eaten away by a disease.

Like anyone, the loss of hearing and medical procedures that followed took their toll on the teenager.

Then Chanay came to APM Employment Services...

Meet Patrick

Patrick, 43, had never had to search for work until after he became a quadriplegic and lost all function in his body from his neck down.

It has been 13 years since he broke his neck after falling from a rope swing into a river during a hot summer’s day off work with mates.

“I drowned at the scene. I was clinically dead a few times,” he said.

Meet Jeff

When a devastating back injury left him unable to work, Jeff soon lost his home, his relationship with his partner and found himself struggling with depression.

But no matter how difficult life got, the 64-year-old former labourer was determined to find work and move forward.

Meet Emma

Emma knew she would need a flexible employer and a role that would help her continue to manage her health conditions.

Living with a kidney disease alongside anxiety and depression, Emma was eager to find something worth getting out of bed every morning for and something to give her purpose.

Then Emma met the team at APM.


Meet Pat

Pat has a job that makes him feel like a superstar.

As a lively, friendly face in the cafe at the Warragul Country Club, Pat is a popular member of the team.

With his enthusiasm and positive approach to his job, it's clear Pat isn't going to let the challenge of living with an intellectual disability stop him from working.

Meet Maddy

Maddy knows something about overcoming a challenge.

Growing up with cerebral palsy, an intellectual disability and epilepsy wasn’t easy.

But when it came to finding a job Maddy and her parents thought they wouldn’t find many opportunities. Then Maddy joined APM.