Rhiannon has drive and determination in her specialised role

Director of Shed 3 Rachel, Rhiannon, Director of Lids4Kids Candy and Employment Consultant Isaiah

Pictured L-R: Director of Shed 3 Rachel, Rhiannon, Director of Lids4Kids Candy and Employment Consultant Isaiah

  • Rhiannon's drive for success made her an stand-out candidate for Shed 3
  • Support from the Disability Employment Services program has helped her reach her 26-week milestone

Rhiannon's lived experience and hard work set her apart for Shed 3

Her lived experience with disability was exactly what motivated her study choices and her desire to work in the Community and Disability sector.

She started her journey with APM in her hometown of Townsville, Queensland.

Rhiannon has Cerebral Palsy, a lifelong disorder which primarily affects movement. The symptoms of Cerebral Palsy can vary greatly from person to person.

Rhiannon’s speech and mobility are impacted, and she relies on a walker to aid her movement.

Over time, she felt overlooked by many employers – as if her disability would impact her capacity to provide support to clients in the Community and Disability sector. But she was determined not to let her disability define her or impact her ability to reach her goals.

Rhiannon focused on applying herself in areas of interest to prove her capabilities and dedication.

After completing a Diploma in Culture and Society in 2018, Rhiannon then completed a Certificate III in Community Services.

She strived to beat the stigma around people with disability, similar impairments and inspire her community. She was eager to prove that she is just as capable as anyone else.

In 2019 she began part-time tertiary education with James Cook University in Townsville.

Today, she is about to complete her bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

APM Employment Consultant Isaiah worked with Rhiannon to highlight the incredible skills she had acquired and her abilities. They focused on using these to present to local employers who were willing to provide an inclusive professional environment.

Isaiah sourced suitable casual employment for Rhiannon with local employer Shed 3, who are committed to delivering arts opportunities in Townsville and surrounding areas.

Shed 3 were inspired by Rhiannon’s drive, dedication and resilience which encouraged them to create a specialised role to help Rhiannon get that kick start in the industry.

APM supported Rhiannon’s ongoing tenure by paying for additional workplace training for Shed 3 staff to ensure that Rhiannon has a safe and accessible workplace.

Together, they are eager to work with Rhiannon to help her grow more confident and capable in her abilities at work. While working, she has been able to manage her studies whilst reaching her 26-week (6 month) milestone.

Isaiah continues to support both Shed 3 and Rhiannon, ensuring clear communication and making sure everyone’s needs are met.

Rhiannon’s hard work has been recognised in her local area, and she is now inspiring many people around her to strive for their goals.

With the right support, her successes and hard work are enabling better lives in her community.

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