Workforce Australia Services

Enhanced and in-person support to help you find a job

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If you're looking for work and receiving income support payments, APM Employment Services can help you to find a job

As your provider for Workforce Australia, delivering Workforce Australia Services, we’re here to help you find employment so you can enjoy the money and independence that comes with having a job.

We believe whatever challenges you face, everyone should have the opportunity to work.

If you’re receiving an income support payment and eligible for enhanced in-person support with Workforce Australia Services, we can help connect you with the local employers who are looking for workers right now.

Plus, you can get help with:

  • Searching for jobs suitable for you
  • Writing resumes, cover letters and job applications
  • Coaching to perform well in job interviews
  • Meeting local employers near you
  • Valuable work placement opportunities
  • Access to job-specific training
  • Help with transport, tools and uniform costs

How to access Workforce Australia Services for enhanced support

To access Workforce Australia Services you need to be unemployed and already registered with Centrelink.

You may start using Workforce Australia Online and then be referred to APM as your local provider for extra support.

Or you’ve been directly referred to us to start your path to employment with in-person Workforce Australia Services.

Whichever it is, we’ll give you more tailored support to help you become job-ready and find work.

If you haven't been referred to our team, the first step is to get in touch to discuss your eligibility and how we can best support you.

Call 1800 276 932 or email

What to expect when you come to APM Employment Services

As a participant with APM Employment Services your support will be unique to you. Your support may include:

  • An initial meeting with your APM employment consultant
  • Fortnightly in-person meetings with your employment consultant (where possible)
  • Developing a Job Plan based on your skills, experience, strengths and interests
  • Access to support services to address your barriers to employment
  • Opportunities for training, skills development or work experience
  • Help with job searches, applications, resumes and interviews
  • Follow-up support when you start work to keep you in employment

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Access to Specialist Services

APM Employment Services is also a Specialist Service Provider of Workforce Australia Services for:

These services are delivered in select areas and provide access to additional support tailored to each job seeker.

They may include educational opportunities, translation services, and connections with other community programs for support and mentoring.

Speak to your employment consultant about any questions you have about the eligibility of additional support needs within your Job Plan.

Get started with Workforce Australia Services and APM

After you have met your APM employment consultant, you will work together to create your Job Plan.

This plan will outline your goals and identify the steps to achieve them. It may include discussing:

  • Your strengths and capabilities
  • Big issues stopping you from working and ways to overcome them
  • Options and opportunities for jobs in your local area
  • How to boost job searching skills and your resume
  • Training opportunities based on suitable jobs

Your plan also considers:

  • Your education, skills and experience
  • Additional support you may need to find or stay in work
  • Other personal responsibilities or health conditions

Finding and preparing for work

As part of your Job Plan, we’ll work to identify the most suitable jobs to search for and get help in applying for them.

Your employment consultant will guide you through suitable options, which may include support to:

  • Use multiple online job platforms
  • Approach local employers directly
  • Access Career Transition Assistance to build confidence and skills (if you’re aged 45 or above)
  • Access Employability Skills Training to explore careers, new skills and digital proficiency
  • Access training, licences, or other work-related items
  • Explore opportunities to start a business through Self-Employment Assistance
  • Get referrals to other community services

When you find a job

We all feel nervous about starting a new job, so when you start yours, we’ll be ready to support you.

We’ll confirm the best way to keep in touch with you to make sure everything is going well, and if you have a problem at work, we’ll work with you and your new employer to help resolve it.

Your rights

We want to make sure your new job is suitable, safe and fair. If you have any concerns about your new job, speak to your employment consultant immediately.

If required, they can advise you on:

  • The National Employment Standards for all workers
  • Workplace requirements (such as telling your employer when you’re sick)
  • Safety at work and what to do if you are injured
  • What to do if you experience harassment or discrimination
  • Other issues that concern you about working

More information about employment conditions can be obtained from the Fair Work Ombudsman - call 13 13 94 or visit

Points Based Activation System and your mutual obligations

The Points Based Activation System (PBAS) is the new and flexible way for you to manage and meet your mutual obligation requirements in return for receiving income support.

Mutual obligation requirements are tasks and activities you agree to do while getting certain payments from Centrelink to assist you on your pathway to employment.

Under the PBAS, you’re rewarded with points for each activity you undertake and you will have a specific points total to meet for each reporting period.

Failure to meet your points total may impact your income support payment.

Your points requirement is set automatically based on your circumstances. Your employment consultant will help identify the number of points you need to meet for each reporting period and guide you through how you can earn them and the process of reporting them.

Please tell your employment consultant immediately if you’re having difficulty meeting your obligations so they can assist you wherever possible.

If you have any questions about Workforce Australia Services, please speak to
your APM Employment Consultant.

Alternatively you can call our support team on 1800 276 932 (1800 APM WFA).