Need someone who fits with your business and is ready to work? We’ll find them for you

If you're looking for urgent staff or want to expand your team, we are your dedicated, responsive and no cost recruitment partner.

At any one time we’re working with more than 40,000 assessed and ready to work job seekers. And with more than 500 locations across Australia, there’s a local APM team near you.

Our comprehensive, no cost recruitment services include:

Let us help you find the right people for your business. Simply tell us about your vacancy and we’ll get straight to it.

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We can help you build the team you need

We can help you find the right people. Our employment consultancy services are completely flexible and can be adapted to your needs and availability. With APM, you can be confident we’ll find the right person for your team.

Reduce your hiring costs for new employees

When you employ an eligible APM job seeker, your business could access a range of wage subsidies up to $10,000.

Build a diverse team to reach your business goals

Promote and grow diversity within your organisation with APM. Through our network of more than 500 locations across Australia, we provide work ready candidates who meet your recruitment needs and diversity goals.

If one of your team has an injury, illness or disability, we can help keep them in work

Our Work Assist program provides support to employers and employees through assessments, training, modifications, equipment, job redesign as well as access to allied health services.

We believe everyone is capable of work

When you employ someone through our Disability Employment Services program, your business can access generous wage subsidies.

Our service doesn’t stop when you hire a new team member

APM provides comprehensive post placement support services to ensure your new team member settles in and meets your performance standards.

Enhance your team and reduce your costs

Did you know employers can get financial incentives by hiring registered job seekers?

We enjoy getting to know our business clients and finding the best solution for you and your team.

We pride ourselves on finding the right match for your business and our job seekers.

When you hire an eligible APM job seeker, your business could access a range of generous wage subsidies of up to $10,000.

You can also receive additional benefits such as funding for modifications to help employees with a disability, and opportunities to increase your workforce diversity.

With post-placement support and a range of assessments when you hire job seekers through APM you also get to transform the health and safety of your workplace.

Are you ready to build your team? Let’s get to work! To find out more about how we can support your business to grow, get in touch today or find your local APM office.

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APM makes recruitment easy

We’ve been helping people find work and assisting Australian businesses grow for more than 25 years.

As a trusted provider of the government’s Disability Employment Services and jobactive programs, we help thousands of people find jobs with Australian businesses searching for staff every year.

These programs enable us to provide employers like you with government wage subsidies of up to $10,000, along with other benefits, when hiring eligible job seekers through APM.

If you need staff quickly, our simple and flexible employment services will work for you.

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Need staff fast? See how you save time and money with our no cost recruitment service image

Need staff fast? See how you save time and money with our no cost recruitment service

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