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Are you getting the help you need at work? 

If you have a disability, injury, or health condition, we can help you access workplace modifications to make your job easier

These can be small changes such as tools and equipment, or larger modifications depending on your job or workplace.

Examples include adjustable height desks, tools to help with lifting or moving heavy objects, and alterations to the workplace to make it more accessible.

There are three ways workplace modifications may be available to you and your employer:

1. If you are injured at work and a modification will help you stay at or return to your job

  • We can guide you through the assessment and approval process and work with your employer and their insurer as part of a workers’ compensation and return to work process.'

2. If your job is in jeopardy due to an injury outside work, or an illness

  • We help you and your employer apply for assistance or modifications which may be funded through the Work Assist program.

3. If you found a job through a Disability Employment Services provider

  • You may be eligible for funded supports or workplace modifications through the Australian Government's Employment Assistance Fund.
  • If you're part of APM's Disability Employment Services program and now working at least eight hours a week, speak to your consultant about workplace modifications.
  • If you are working with a different Disability Employment Services provider call our support centre on 1800 276 276 for assistance.

If you're not sure if you are eligible for a workplace modification, speak to your APM consultant or call our support line for more information.

How we find the right support for you 

If you work at least eight hours a week, you may be eligible for a disability workplace assessment

As a member of the Australian Government’s National Panel of Assessors, APM provides thorough, accurate and independent assessments to determine support needs for people with disability in the workplace.

If you are a member of APM's Disability Employment Services program, we work with you to access workplace modifications however, your independent workplace assessment will be carried out by another provider. Speak to your APM consultant for more information.

If you are with an alternative Disability Employment Services provider, you may be referred to APM for your independent workplace assessment.

One of our experienced, friendly qualified health professionals will look at your job and workplace to identify any equipment or modifications that would work for you and your employer.

These may include minor changes to your office, introducing new technology and communication devices, adapting work vehicles or providing awareness training on disability, deafness and mental health first aid.

We will recommend any changes and liaise with you, your services provider, and your employer, to find and access solutions to make your workplace more flexible and accessible.

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Let us improve your job and your workplace

We help prepare and submit applications for modifications and assist with any training required

We look to see what equipment, services or adjustments will best support you in your duties.

Your assessment will be unique to you, and we are dedicated on giving you the tools you need to succeed in the workplace. Previous workplace modifications we have delivered include:

  • A tractor modified with a special attachment to enable an employee with one arm to safely move mulch around garden beds and empty bins
  • A new staircase to enable an employee with a back injury to access materials in the loft of a business instead of being forced to use a ladder
  • Air conditioning for an office worker who had a thyroid condition and needed the working environment to be cooler

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