Recovery Support Program

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At APM we understand when life and working environments change quickly, maintaining an individual’s quality and proactive care is essential

Adjusting an individual’s recovery to issues such as the impact of COVID-19 enables you to be confident in achieving positive outcomes.

With our new Client Support Plan, an injured or ill worker's recovery can better respond to sudden changes that may require quick interventions, biopsychological support or revised timeframes.

Plus, you’re able to better manage any impact to compensation premium and risk.

The APM Client Support Plan focuses on progressing an individual through dramatic changes in their circumstances and the impact on their recovery.

This includes ensuring they have:

  • Skills and capacity to meet recovery goals
  • Clear goals and plans to suit the changing labour market
  • Access to continued support and innovative capacity building
Recovery Support Program Factsheet

Download our Recovery Support Program factsheet

Supporting your injured or ill worker

We develop tailored strategies to ensure progress towards recovery and return to work goals - despite the potential impacts of the current environment.

Our team continues to engage and support an individual, with access to community and education tools and resources.

The client support plan may include:

  • Access to telehealth solutions
  • Matching vocational goals to current opportunities
  • Use of social or wellness applications to support recovery goals
  • Help to set new routines or capacity building activities
  • Access to virtual employer or treating practitioner meetings

Tailored interventions

APM is a mobile workforce with over 25 years’ experience in varying services to meet worker, employer and referrer needs.

Our dedicated teams deliver innovations and strategic thinking to achieve positive outcomes.

We enjoy engaging face-to-face with all our clients but if we can't, we provide high-quality virtual services, including:

  • Initial needs assessments
  • Medical and treating practitioner case conferencing
  • Workplace assessments
  • Workplace meetings
  • Brief ergonomic reviews (home or office)
  • Comprehensive ergonomic assessments (home or office)
  • Vocational assessments
  • Job matching and job placement services

Have you heard about the APMiQ Life Index tool?

APMiQ Life Index is an award-winning* integrated reporting system with a smart phone app, designed specifically for our occupational rehabilitation consultants.

APMiQ allows you to streamline case management and reporting by having key case updates available at your fingertips.

Using the APMiQ Life Index, we are able to provide you with an effective and uninterrupted look at your client’s progress.

Try the APM Life Index tool for yourself!

* ARPA National Innovation in Return to Work Award 2019