Support to stay in work with a disability, injury or health condition

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Worried about your job?

Work Assist can help if you feel your job might be at risk because of an injury, illness or disability

If you’re an Australian resident aged 14 and over, and you work at least eight hours a week, APM can help you stay at work.

We work with you and your employer to find solutions and on the job support including:

  • Advice about redesigning your job so you can keep working
  • Having your workplace assessed for possible changes so it's easier for you to work
  • Having your workplace changed so you can continue to work
  • Specialised equipment to help you do your job

This support is provided at no cost to you or your employer.

Work Assist is funded by the Australian Government.

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A solution that works for everyone 

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We work with you and your employer to find the best outcome for both parties

When you contact APM, one of our friendly, experienced consultants will get to know you and the work you do.

Every year we help thousands of people stay in work or find suitable employment. We’re dedicated to helping you whatever your circumstances.

Physical injuries such as back, shoulder and neck issues don’t mean you have to give up your job. We can help you access health professionals and special equipment to carry out your tasks where appropriate.

If you are recovering from an illness such as cancer, you may need help adjusting at work. We provide coping strategies and referral services to assist you.

Our Work Assist service also includes mental health support to help you with issues such as depression, anxiety or stress-related conditions.

This includes job redesign strategies and access to counsellors or other allied health professionals.

If you are living with a disability, including visual or hearing impairments, we can organise a workplace assessment.

This may enable you to access government funding for help at work including assistive technologies and modifications.

What if you need further support?

Do you need support at work? Want to increase your responsibilities or productivity?

If you’re currently employed through Disability Employment Services and need support at work, APM can help.

As a member of the Australian Government’s National Panel of Assessors, APM provides thorough, accurate assessments to determine support needs for people with disability in the workplace.

We provide assessments for three types of support:

  • Ongoing support to be able to maintain employment in your current job.
  • Employment Assistance Fund for work related modifications and services.
  • Supported Wage System for people with disability who are not able to work at the same productivity levels as your co-workers due to the effects of your disability.

If you’re worried about losing your job as a result of an injury, illness or disability, contact us today to see how we can help you.