Diversity and Inclusion

Download APM's Disability Inclusion Guide
for insights on supporting employees and
customers with disability.

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How to grow a diverse and inclusive workforce in your business

A diverse workforce is increasingly recognised as vital to the health of businesses.

Diversity and inclusion delivers a range of benefits including:

  • Increased creativity and innovation through alternative voices and cultures
  • Improved brand recognition and promotion as an employer and supplier of choice
  • Fostering and shaping a stronger team and humanitarian spirit
  • Meeting corporate social responsibility goals
  • Enhancing procurement and tendering opportunities

Download our Disability Inclusion Guide to find out more about how your business can better support people with disability.

Whether it’s hiring and supporting a member of your workforce with disability, or providing a better service for valuable customers with disability.

Being able to better understand the requirements of people with disability in your business is essential if you want to be a welcoming and accessible organisation.

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Small changes make a big difference

Being inclusive of people with disability is not about having wheelchair ramps and accessible facilities.

It’s about being open to more people engaging with your business.

APM’s Disability Inclusion Guide offers practical information on how to build a diverse business that can thrive in a more inclusive world.

Getting started is easier than you think

Download our disability and inclusion guide and check to see how well your business currently performs.

You can then make suggested improvements and look at the free support available for hiring people with disability.

These can include wage subsidies up to $10,000 or funding for team education, resources, tools and equipment and other adjustments.

Hiring people with disability

Thousands of businesses across Australia are already benefiting from greater loyalty, reduced absenteeism and better customer service.

These are just three things employers say improve after they welcome a person with disability into their team.

Plus, as many people with disability are turned away from employers due to the barriers they face, by hiring a job seeker you’ll be making a positive difference in a person’s life.

Speak to your local APM Employment Services team or register with Employable Me to find ready-to-work employees who can bring multiple benefits to your business.

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