Indigenous employment programs & services

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APM Employment Services is a Specialist Support provider for Indigenous participants in Workforce Australia

If you’re an eligible Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander participant with Workforce Australia, you can access additional support to help you search for jobs, prepare for work and find lasting employment.

If you're referred to APM Employment Services, your local employment consultant will listen to you, explain our services and tailor your program to suit your needs.

This can include giving you access to services that help you and your community.

This can include:

  • Culturally appropriate pre-employment training
  • Workplace trials
  • Activities to prevent illnesses and benefit your health
  • Additional support to take part in community-based work experience
  • Access to projects that allow you to gain skills while helping your community
  • Meeting local employers to discuss job opportunities

To find out more about the Specialist Support for Indigenous participants, speak to your APM employment consultant or call our Workforce Australia provider team on 1800 276 932.


We work hard from the start

We team you with an employment consultant to get your job-seeking process started.

They will listen and get to know you and your goals and make a plan for you that looks at the challenges in your search for work.

This will include resources you’ll need to overcome barriers to long-term employment – like connecting you with other services in your community.

They’ll also discuss opportunities with industries and employers in your local community.

Your personal plan to get you into work will also include support to help you with:

  • Confidence building
  • Writing a winning resume
  • Searching for suitable jobs
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Extra support for health issues or other challenges in your life

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And we work with you after you start your new job

We want you to find and keep a job so you can enjoy the benefits of long-term employment.

So when you find a job, we’re here to make sure you make the best possible start with your new employer.

We can help you access:

  • Job-relevant training, licences, or certificates
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Support for uniforms, tools, or equipment
  • Help with travel to and from your workplace
  • Mental health and wellbeing support from experienced allied health professionals