Injury prevention

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Boost the health and wellbeing of your workplace

The best way to avoid the impact of injuries on your team and business is to prevent them

APM WorkCare can help you create a working environment that encourages safe practices and attitudes to keep your employees safe and looked after.

Your team’s safety is our main priority and we work with them to deliver a range of injury prevention services that can be tailored for your business.

If you’re looking for a one-off manual handling training session, review of your organisation’s ergonomic needs or risk assessments for specific job tasks, we can help. Our tailored services include:

  • Ergonomic training and assessments
  • Manual handling training
  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Job analysis (job dictionary)
  • Worksite assessments
  • Workplace psychological services and training

When you partner with APM you have services delivered by a national network of health professionals including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, exercise physiologists and registered nurses.

We’re passionate about workplace wellness

It is estimated mental health conditions cost Australian businesses $10.9 billion every year

We’ve been working with Australian businesses to create safe, healthy workplaces and teams for more than 25 years.

We know how health and happiness at work has a huge impact on your team’s productivity and general wellbeing.

Our WorkCare team works with your organisation’s structure and unique culture to design the training and services you need, which may include psychological consultancy.

Our network of health and assessment professionals includes qualified and experienced psychologists and occupational therapists.

Our prevention and training services are designed to create a culture of safe work practices in your business.

If you want to increase employee engagement, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism, we can help.

Let's get to work supporting your team.

Act early to reduce the impact on your team

Is one of your team showing signs of ill health or injury?

Early intervention is the single most critical factor in reducing lost time and achieving successful return to work outcomes.

APM will provide immediate assistance in the event of an injury, make contact with the treating doctor and liaise with you to identify safe options to keep people at work.

Early intervention will reduce the impact of absenteeism, maintain productivity and reduce compensation and insurance costs.

A safe, sustainable return to work will also reduce the impact of absence, compensation and insurance claims on your business.

APM’s early intervention injury management services can assist you to support your employee to return to work while also meeting your financial and legal obligations.

Your team’s safety is our main priority.

When you partner with APM for early intervention you can guarantee a reduction in lost time and improved productivity in the workplace.