Workplace assessments for people with disabilities

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Working and referred to APM for assessment? 

If you’re employed with a disability, a workplace assessment can help identify what you need to make your job easier

APM is a member of the National Panel of Assessors and we deliver an independent workplace assessment to find out if you or your employer needs some help.

Depending on your needs, this may include ongoing support to help carry out your job tasks, or new tools, equipment or technology to help you work.

Once you have found a job through a Disability Employment Services provider, there are three types of support programs you may be assessed for:

  1. Ongoing support – such as one one one assistance to learn new tasks
  2. Supported wage system – making sure suitable pay structures are in place for you and your role
  3. Workplace modifications – identifying whether you need specific modifications, tools or equipment to do your job

These assessments can only be done by an organisation that did not help you find your job through a Disability Employment Service program.

If you are a participant in APM’s Disability Employment Services, another registered provider will assess you at work.

If you found employment with another Disability Employment Services provider, you may be referred to APM for the workplace assessment.

If you have any questions about your workplace assessment, please call us on 1800 276 276.

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Booked in for a workplace assessment? 

Your type of assessment will vary depending on the level of support you receive and the type of job you are doing

You’re likely to be having one of three types of assessment:

Ongoing Support

  • This looks at the support you have been given since starting your job, or since your last workplace assessment.
  • An assessor will interview you and your Disability Employment Services provider about how you are performing in your job, what supports you may need or what changes may have occurred to your job tasks.
  • It aims to find out if there is any need to increase or reduce the level of on-the-job support you’re receiving.
  • Support needs are rated as flexible, moderate or high.
  • Usually take place in your workplace. Your Disability Employment Services provider, or your assessor, will contact you to arrange the time and place of the assessment and explain what it involves.

Supported Wage System

  • If you’re not able to perform tasks at the same level as your work mates, this assessment helps your employer to make some adjustments to keep you employed and get paid a fair rate for what you do.
  • This helps secure your job and look for ways to make your job easier and help you be more productive.
  • Wage assessment agreements and reports will be sent to all parties involved, including Fair Work Australia, your employer, you and your Disability Employment Services provider (where applicable).

Workplace Modifications

  • You could receive recommendations for tools, equipment, technological aids or alterations to your workplace with this assessment.
  • Your assessor will be a qualified and experienced health professional who will look at your job tasks, your capabilities and your workplace to see what improvements could be made.
  • This includes making your workplace more flexible and accessible to your circumstances.
  • Funding may also be available for the modifications or specialised equipment from the government’s Employment Assistance Fund.
  • Your assessor will discuss the recommendations with you, your employer and your Disability Employment Services provider (where applicable).

Who is the National Panel of Assessors?

National Panel of Assessors provides a range of services to help people with disability in the workplace

APM is a member of the National Panel of Assessors and delivers workplace assessments for independent workers and employees registered with other Disability Employment Services providers.

The National Panel of Assessors is an Australian Government program to assess the workplace needs of an individual's physical, intellectual or psychological disability.

The assessments look at barriers to an employee’s participation and independence in the workplace, and aim to help overcome these challenges and maximise their ability to work.

There are several organisations that are registered providers under the program, including APM.

Assessors carry out Ongoing Support, Supported Wage System, and Workplace Modification assessments as part of the National Panel of Assessor’s contract with the Department of Social Services.

The program aims to enhance employment participation by people living with disability, and help them maintain employment.