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If you’re looking for new recruits eager to learn the skills your business needs, speak to APM Apprenticeships

You can significantly benefit your business by taking on an apprentice and fostering a skilled, motivated, and loyal workforce. 

APM Apprenticeships is committed to supporting you through the process, ensuring that you and your apprentices receive the highest quality guidance and resources.

Why hire apprentices?

Hiring apprentices through APM Apprenticeships can provide your business with practical benefits, including:

  • Access to a motivated workforce eager to learn and contribute
  • The opportunity to train employees according to your specific needs
  • Government incentives and financial support to ease the training costs
  • Contribution to industry growth and community development by providing young people with valuable career opportunities

Apprenticeships usually take between three to four years to complete, and a traineeship is usually between one to two years. Find out more about the difference between apprenticeships and traineeships below.

Download the Australian Apprenticeship guide to hiring an apprentice or trainee.

Want to join an apprenticeship?

If you're in Victoria and want to earn while you learn in an exciting new career, visit our Apprenticeships page to get started.

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Who can hire an apprentice?

The Australian Apprentices service allows a wide range of employers from various industries and sectors to hire apprentices and participate in the program.

  • Registered business: You must have a legally registered business entity in Australia.
  • Suitable workplace: You must provide a safe and supportive work environment that is conducive to learning.
  • Training commitment: You must be committed to providing on-the-job training and allowing the apprentice to attend any required off-the-job training.

Who can you hire as an apprentice?

Apprenticeships have a flexible eligibility. They can start while still in school through a school-based apprenticeship, can study full-time, part-time, or a mix of both. 

Apprentices can include school leavers, people looking for their first or a new job, or older adults looking to re-enter the workforce with new skills.

Typically, apprentices are required to be:

  • of working age
  • an Australian citizen
  • a permanent resident or have a Visa that permits work in Australia

Incentives and financial support

As an employer of an Australian Apprentice, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the Australian Government to help with hiring, training, and retaining an apprentice.

From 1 July 2024, the employer incentives includes more support to industries considered a priority to the Australian economy. These occupations are listed on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List.

Priority Hiring Incentive

The previous Priority Wage Subsidy has been replaced by the Priority Hiring Incentive from 30 June 2024.

The Priority Hiring Incentive aims to boost the number of Australian Apprentices and improve retention rates in roles experiencing a national skill shortage.

Subject to your eligibility, as an employer, you could receive up to $5,000 over 12 months:

  • $2,000 paid at six months from start or re-start for full-time apprentices
  • $3,000 paid at 12 months from start or re-start for full-time apprentices
  • $1,000 paid at six months from start or re-start for part-time apprentices
  • $1,500 paid at 12 months from start or re-start for part-time apprentices

You can claim your incentives online through the ADMS Portal.

Disability Australian Apprentice Wage Support (DAAWS)

Subject to your eligibility, if your apprentice has a disability, you may receive a weekly payment to support them during their apprenticeship.

State and Territory Support

Your state or territory may offer additional incentives throughout your apprentice's training. 

Your APM Apprenticeships consultant will help you find out which support option you are eligible for and guide you through the application process.

Women in Trades

APM Apprenticeships is dedicated to supporting women in non-traditional trade careers.

We want to see more women success in building and construction, engineering, agriculture, electrical, mining and other industries usually dominated by male tradies.

Our teams provide specialist mentoring support, events and opportunities for female apprentices. These may include:

  • One to one mentoring and support to deal with workplace issues
  • Learning and peer support networks with other women in trades
  • Career and further education advice related to your trade
  • Connections to other support services
  • APM support with you and your apprentice to assist you in a safe workplace

To support more women in trades, the Australian Government has designated women apprenticeships as a priority occupation, and if eligible APM can help you and your apprentice access funds and other incentives.

Young woman apprentice on a digger

Clean Energy Occupations

Employers with APM can also benefit from specialist support when taking hiring apprentices for work in the clean energy industry.

These industries include work in solar installation, large-scale renewable projects, electric vehicles, green hydrogen and renewable manufacturing.

Support you and your apprentice may be eligible for includes:

  • Peer networking to grow your knowledge and skills capability
  • Mentoring and sessions to understand the needs of the workplace
  • Additional support to succeed in the workplace of the future
An apprentice and employer look at plans near a field of windfarms

Types of apprenticeships


An apprenticeship usually lasts three to four years. It combines hands-on work with off-the-job training from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). 

When your apprentice finishes, they'll have a nationally recognised qualification and valuable skills.


A traineeship is a deal between you and your apprentice. You train them in a specific industry, and they agree to work and learn. 

Traineeships can last from nine months to four years, depending on the job and the level of qualification.

School-based Apprenticeship

A school-based apprenticeship lets apprentices mix school, part-time work, and formal study. This helps apprentices get a head start on their career while still in school. 

You and your apprentice might finish the apprenticeship one or two years faster or they may even complete a traineeship before finishing Year 12. The time it takes depends on the job and qualification.

Your support

APM Apprenticeships offers extensive support to ensure a seamless apprenticeship experience:

  • Pre-Apprenticeship: Career advice and assistance in matching apprentices with your business.
  • Getting Started: Help with training contracts and induction processes.
  • During the Apprenticeship: Ongoing mentorship, progress monitoring, and conflict resolution.
  • Completion: Assistance with certification and transition to full-time employment.

How to Get Started

Partnering with APM Apprenticeships is straightforward. 

We help you navigate the process, from recruitment to the successful completion of the apprenticeship. 

Contact our APM Apprenticeship team to learn more about how we can support your business and your apprentices.

Call 1800 276 221.

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