Do you know what supports are available?

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Don’t lose an employee when your whole team can win

If a member of your team requires support or adjustments at work to do their job, we can help

Anyone of us could experience an injury, illness or disability at some time in our working lives. But if the life of a valuable employee suddenly changed, and they could no longer perform at their best, would you know how to support them? We do, and by working with us your whole team will benefit.

If an injury, illness or disability impacts the performance of your employee, our workplace modification assessments will determine if additional tools, equipment or alterations to your workplace, will make their job easier. 

This may include specialist tools to help with tasks such as moving objects, bending or lifting or making your workplace more flexible and accessible for people with disabilities. Height adjustments to desks or workstations, or equipment and technology for people with a visual or hearing impairment are also common modifications.

Our qualified and experienced assessors identify workplace barriers, then research and recommend suitable actions. They also liaise with suppliers to provide you with an expected cost of the modifications.

If your employee has come to you through a Disability Employment Services program they may be eligible for funded supports. In this case the workplace assessment could be conducted under the National Panel of Assessors.

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Let's strengthen your team and avoid potential injury costs

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If your employee has a workplace injury, working with us will help lead to a positive return to work

APM has been helping businesses maintain a healthy workforce for more than 25 years.

We know how to help winning teams stay together when one of their members needs to make adjustments or change their work capacity.

By working with us to provide the right tools, technology or workplace modifications, you add value to your team and reduce the potential costly impact on your business.

As part of a successful return to work you can take a positive step to resolve, reduce or avoid any potential costly and complex workers’ compensation or insurance claims.

We help you maintain the trust and productive relationships between you and your team, and help you support them with a comprehensive support package that includes injury prevention, early intervention and return to work services.

If your employee is eligible, the cost of making changes could be reduced by the Australian Government’s Employment Assistance Fund.

Workplace modification assessments are carried out as part of the fund, which aims to create more jobs and support people with disability at work.

Contact us to find out more, or visit the government’s JobAccess service.

Has your employee been injured outside of work?

If a member of your team is injured and not covered for workers' compensation, there are additional support options available

Work Assist could be able to help your employee if changes in their ability or health puts their job in jeopardy as they are no longer able to carry out their normal work. This service allows you to access health professionals for treatment, including physical and psychological health practitioners.

We can also help you and your team find specialist equipment to help them continue in their job, or complete a job redesign strategy to adjust the tasks around your employee. Work Assist is delivered in areas where the federal government’s Disability Employment Services is provided.

Contact us today to find out more about Work Assist and if it can help support a valuable member of your team.