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Enhance your injured worker's recovery

How do you support an injured worker’s recovery and predict the likelihood of their successful return to work?

At APM, we have been helping Australian businesses support injured workers and return them to employment for more than 25 years.

Our bespoke app, APMiQ, enables our occupational rehabilitation teams to capture powerful data and useful insights into an injured worker’s overall wellbeing, emotional health and their perceived return to work capacity.

Captured at regular intervals via the APMiQ Life Index questionnaire, the information gathered is used to shape a flexible, tailored, return to work plan.

This enables an injured worker to return to work more quickly, or gain support seeking alternative employment options if a return to pre-injury duties is unavailable.

APMiQ aims to assist injury case managers in reducing the time and financial impact a worker’s injury has on a business.

Let Australia’s award-winning innovation tool enhance your injured worker’s recovery.

APM WorkCare has been awarded the National Award for Innovation in Return to Work prize at the 2019 Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association (ARPA) National Excellence in Workplace Rehabilitation Awards.

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How APMiQ works

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During a regular APM WorkCare assessment, the injured worker completes a series of questions known as the Life Index questionnaire.

Answers to the questionnaire generates an overall score highlighting the worker's current status, recovery progression and the impact of treatment to date.

A report is then supplied to injury case managers or relevant stakeholders.

With the Life Index questionnaire completed at regular scheduled assessments, we are able to record ongoing scores and analyse the success of treatment and recovery.

Our consultants use the resulting score to adjust an injured worker’s recovery plan to achieve the most positive outcome quickly and effectively.

Try the APMiQ Life Index Questionnaire

See how we use the insights from our APMiQ Life Index Questionnaire and get a sampler report based on your answers.

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Calling all injury managers!

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The first step is to understand the common psychosocial factors that impact recovery the most.

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