We deliver no cost, tailored recruitment and comprehensive workplace services

If you’re looking for staff, APM's Employment Services can find you ready to work job seekers matched to your requirements, fast.

If you need to help an injured worker return to work, have concerns about your team’s workplace or want professional advice on how to reduce risk and lower insurance premiums, APM WorkCare can help.

Our experienced teams work across Australia and can help you navigate each state or territory’s workers’ compensation and insurance system.

We've been helping Australian businesses grow for more than 25 years and with more than 500 locations there’s an APM team near you.

Let’s get to work.

Want to prepare your business to be accessible and inclusive?

Download the APM Disability Inclusion Checklist to learn more


Employment Services

Need someone that fits with your business and is ready to work? We’ll find them for you; we're your dedicated, responsive and no cost recruitment partner.

Workplace health

APM WorkCare helps businesses across Australia reduce the risk of injuries, develop safe work practices and return injured employees to work quickly.

The Australian benchmark for disability diversity and inclusion

The APM Disability Diversity and Inclusivity Index (DDI Index) is a landmark research project evaluating disability, diversity and inclusion in Australian workplaces.

Looking for the right employee?

Fast, no-cost recruitment

Access wage subsidies

Get workplace support

Build a diverse team

Do you know the cost of a
workplace injury?

How to be sure your recruit is up to the job

Boost your workplace with injury prevention

Let's reduce lost work time for your business

Help your injured employee recover

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