Find employees
and keep them

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Looking for staff?

APM Employment Services can match your job to local ready to work job seekers, fast.

Our team will find strong candidates suitable for your workplace and the roles you need filled.

Plus if they're eligible, you can also receive up to $10,000 in wage subsidies, funds for workplace modifications and support from APM to help you and your new employee make the best start together.

With more than 500 locations there’s an APM team near you, we can provide a single point of contact for larger employers looking for whole-of-organisation support services.

Support your team

APM WorkCare can help you make your workplace a safe and healthy environment for all your employees.

Whether it's preventing costly workplace injuries, helping an injured team member to return to work or guiding your workforce into adopting strong health and wellbeing practices, our experts can help.

With experienced teams across Australia we can help you navigate each state or territory’s workers’ compensation and insurance system, and give professional advice on how to reduce risk and lower insurance premiums.

Our purpose is to enable better lives, and we’re looking forward to discussing how we can enhance your business and your team.


Want to prepare your business to be accessible and inclusive?

Download the APM Disability Inclusion Checklist to learn more.

The Australian benchmark for disability diversity and inclusivity

The APM Disability Diversity and Inclusivity Index (DDI Index) is a landmark research project evaluating disability diversity and inclusivity in Australian workplaces.