Return to work services

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Support your team member with a positive return to work, quickly and safely

APM's experienced and dedicated consultants act promptly to facilitate a safe and timely return to work.

We have more than 25 years’ experience helping Australian businesses to maintain safe and productive workplaces and have been recognised by the Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association for our innovative approach to recovery with our award-winning APMiQ app.

We know close communication and collaboration is essential to achieving the best return to work outcomes, and the economic benefits this brings to a business.

We pride ourselves on simple, clear and regular case reviews and communication between all key parties, including your employee’s medical practitioner, supervisor and your insurer.

We provide: 

  • Return to work planning
  • Specialist medical referrals
  • Comprehensive case management, including stress claims
  • Same employer and new employer services
  • Early intervention
  • Psychological, vocational, functional, ergonomic and worksite assessments
  • Health and wellness training
  • Job analysis (job dictionary)
  • Support to manage complex workers’ compensation and insurance claims
  • Assessments and reports for medicolegal requirements

With our team guiding you, everyone involved stays informed as your employee’s progress is monitored and maintained.

Your business, your team, your plan

APM’s return to work service is tailored to your workplace, understanding that every situation is different

We use various assessments to understand your business, your workplace and the specific job tasks of your employees. 

Usually the aim is for your employee to stay in their job, involving the development of a same employer return to work plan. 

This means we assess your employee and your workplace, and make adjustments to daily job tasks, tools, equipment or the working environment, so they can gradually return to work safely. 

If it's not possible to stay working for you, we explore suitable alternatives under our new employer return to work approach. 

New employer return to work services mean we spend more time to help your employee identify and find alternative work.

Our support includes coaching for job searches, applications, resume building and interview preparation. We match your employee to jobs and opportunities suitable for their skills, experience and capabilities. 

Whichever approach we take, we make sure your employee gets the support they need to return to work and successfully adapt to job changes.

If you have an injured employee, make a referral today and let's get to work on supporting your team.

Don't wait until it's too late

An effective return to work process will reduce the costly impact of injury for you and your employee

We know how important it is to act as early as possible to increase the likelihood of a successful return to work and reduce the costs and impact on your business. 

Rehabilitation costs for referrals made 12 months after an injury are approximately 40 per cent higher than referrals received earlier. The time it takes someone to return to work is also 50 per cent longer.

We pride ourselves on our tailored service and providing real value by working closely with insurers, medical services and your injured employee to improve outcomes.

Let’s get to work on saving you time and money with the right plan for your team.

Have you heard about the APMiQ Life Index?

APMiQ Life Index is an integrated reporting system with a smart phone app, designed specifically for our occupational rehabilitation consultants.

APMiQ allows managers to streamline case management and reporting by having key case updates available at your fingertips.

Try the APM Life Index tool for yourself!

Take your injury recovery to the next level with virtual reality

Living with chronic pain can be difficult, especially when previous treatments have not always been effective.

APM WorkCare’s VR empowered pain recovery program combines the modern neuroscience of pain and the biology of recovery to create a personalised treatment plan for people with chronic pain.

Developed in conjunction with Australia’s leading pain science researchers and clinicians, we’ve built a program that allows injured persons to explore the causes of their pain and how best to relieve it.