If you’re an Indigenous Australian and you want to get to work, we’re here to help

We help Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander job seekers get to work through our range of specialised services.

When you come to us, we want to know about your strengths, your challenges and your goals in life.

Depending on your circumstances we aim to help you reach your goals by supporting you through the Australian Government’s jobactive or Disability Employment Services program.

In either service you get a friendly employment consultant who will listen to you, explain our services and tailor your program to suit your individual needs.

To access these programs, you first need to register with Centrelink, to make sure you join the right program for you.

If you're planning a visit to Centrelink, make sure you ask to be referred to APM, so you get the best support on your journey to finding work. If you haven’t signed up yet, we can help guide you through the process, or you can click here to find out more.

We aim to move you towards the life you want. Together, we can find the right job for you. 

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Closing the gap for Indigenous job seekers  

If you’re an Indigenous Australian we can help you find your next job

As a registered provider of the Australian Government’s jobactive program, we can provide you access to services that benefit you and your community. 

This includes: 

  • Culturally appropriate pre-employment training 

  • Workplace trials 

  • Activities to prevent illnesses

  • Additional support to take part in community based work experience  

  • Access to Work for the Dole projects that allow you to gain skills while helping your community 

When you register with us, your dedicated APM employment consultant will also promote you to employers. 

When you’re hired by an employer through our service, they may be eligible for a wage subsidy of up to $10,000 from your first day on the job. 

Your APM employment consultant will work with you and your employer to explain how they can receive the subsidy.

Why you are a valuable asset to an employer  

Companies across Australia are now, more than ever, looking to build a diverse workforce

If you’re an Indigenous Australian, employers recognise the value you can bring to their team. Especially if you’re also a customer.

By hiring a member of their local community, businesses are able to strengthen their ties with their closest customers.

This allows them to serve their communities better, provide more products and services, and have a positive impact on their customer’s lives.

When you join a workforce, you bring new opportunities to help a business grow it’s understanding of Australia’s unique cultures, and its credibility as a respectful employer.

Employers also know hiring people of many different cultures can help create a happier and productive workplace, by adding to the strength of their team.

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