Mental Health First Aid training

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Undertake Mental Health First Aid training and support your staff and clients who have mental health concerns when it matters most.

APM WorkCare’s accredited Mental Health First Aid instructors are qualified to run full training and refresher courses.

These skilled clinicians are experienced allied health professionals and senior leaders in occupational rehabilitation.

They are skilled at tailoring sessions to industry professionals, teaching participants how to practically apply their knowledge in the workplace or as a rehabilitation consultant.

What to expect

Our standard Mental Health First Aid course is delivered online and runs over two days.

It covers a practical, skills-based action plan, where participants learn the skills to identify and drive discussion around mental health issues in others.

This supports crisis management, communication and psychological safety in the workplace.

Participants delve into leading research within the mental health domain, navigate intricate mental health first aid scenarios, and refine their skills in addressing a variety of mental health issues and crisis situations.

A refresher course is also available for those who have a requirement to update their knowledge and retain accreditation.


Those who successfully undergo Mental Health First Aid training and complete a short assessment are recognised as MHFAiders.

This accreditation is valid for three years and arms MHFAiders with the expertise to lend a listening ear, establish connections, and provide crucial support during critical moments.

MHFAiders also play a crucial part in diminishing stigma and advocating avenues for assistance for individuals facing mental health challenges in various settings such as workplaces, communities, schools, and tertiary institutions.

APM WorkCare can support clients to undergo both the standard Mental Health First Aid course and the refresher course at any desired frequency.

For upcoming course dates or to discuss customised training sessions, please contact us on 1300 967 522 or