Return to work after a workplace injury

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Do you need an assessment or help returning to work?

If you’ve been injured at work, APM will create a return to work plan that meets your needs

Your health and safety is our main priority.

Our highly qualified, experienced staff provide objective professional support to help with your safe return to work.

We work closely with all key parties, including your employer, insurer, and medical practitioners, making sure everyone has the right information and commitment to your safe recovery.

We provide a respectful, positive and personalised service, designed for you.

Your dedicated APM consultant will:

  • Act as a single point of contact throughout your return to work program
  • Keep in touch with you and your employer
  • Arrange a referral for you to a health professional if required
  • Identify and remove any barriers affecting your return to work
  • Agree medically appropriate duties and hours with your health professional
  • Identify guidelines to ensure a gradual, safe and sustainable return to work

If it’s not possible for you to return to your pre-injury or pre-illness role, we can assist you to find a new job with a new employer.

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When you need Return to Work services

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Your return to work program may include a vocational assessment and functional capacity evaluation

Vocational assessments:

  • Looks at your work history, training, skills, experience and suitability to perform the tasks and responsibilities of your job
  • Allows you to highlight areas you would like to improve such as training or alternative roles more suited to your interests and capabilities
  • Are not physical assessments
  • Typically, your assessment may last up to three hours

Functional capacity evaluations:

  • A typical evaluation will include performing tasks with weights, and completing specific movements such as lifting and bending
  • These tasks will replicate the requirements and demands of your role as referenced in your job description, or after a job task analysis and worksite assessment
  • Functional capacity evaluations involve physical activity, so wear comfortable clothing
  • Your evaluation will depend on the nature of your injury and your job. They may take between four to six hours to complete

When you can’t return to pre-injury duties

Our return to work program includes both same employer and new employer services.

Our aim is to get you back to work with your employer as quickly as possible.

If that’s not possible we work with you and your employer to assess your capabilities and see if there are other suitable roles available at your workplace.

Your APM consultant will also see if additional services, training, equipment or workplace modifications will allow you to stay with your employer.

When staying with the same employer is no longer an option, we’ll be ready to support you.

Our consultants can provide access to assessments, job search support, interview and resume coaching, and workplace training opportunities.

We specialise in helping job seekers overcome injuries, illness or disability and find work suitable for their abilities.